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Jack and Jill
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Jack and Jill – The True Story
Once upon a time, there were like two kids. They were only 18, but in love. They got married. It was the most beautiful wedding anyone had ever seen. They decided they wanted to go to Paris for their honeymoon so they could escape their nagging families.
They thought that the nice 5 star "Le Brajone" would be the perfect get away. It was a pool, a hot tub, a big screen TV, and all that good stuff. On the last day of their honey moon, they went to the Eiffel tower for a romantic tower top dinner.
They chose the stairs over the elevator so they could spend as much time possible together. They finally reached the top in what seemed like forever. They got to the ledge of the balcony. They looked down at all the tourists looking up at what looked like at them.
Jack and Jill were mesmerized. They took a second to look at each other instead of the beautiful Paris view, which was much better than what they were previously looking at. They were about to kiss when the nearby waiter was cutting up food for another couple.
He must have served butter right before he was cutting the food because when he was about to do fancy flair moves with the knife, about 10 inches long, it accidentally flew out of his hands! It went flying through the air, towards the edge of the balcony.
Jack and Jill looked at the knife coming towards them, and it seemed like slow motion the knife neared Jack. He opened his eyes up wide, like bug eyes. His mouth dropped. Then dumb Jill shouted "NOOOOO" And put her head in front of Jack just as the knife was about to cut through. The knife cut right into Jill's neck and sliced right through it.
The knife didn't stop there. It pierced through Jack's neck as well. They just had 2 more seconds of life before their necks were cut off though. In those moments, they both looked at each other, and mouthed "OH CRAP" then their necks were speared by the knife, their heads flew in a projectile motion, over the balcony, and into the streets of marvelous Paris.
The by standers of the street and of the Eiffel tower top ran away, avoiding accusation of murder. The heads spurted out blood as they fell into the street. The bodies left on the balcony kept pouring out blood, gallon by gallon by gallon by gallon by gallon.
Everyone stopped eating and looked at the bodies. They screamed and jumped off the Eiffel tower as well following them. Jack and Jill were there half on and half of the Eiffel tower, literally. They went right to heaven. They loved each other very much, and still did in heaven.
The End!

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