Teabladez' Journal 28.01.09.

Today I have come to a desicion. it is not a particularly wise desicion, nor a useful one, but it is a desicion nonetheless.

I have decided to blame all my ills on retired old men who stand in their drive ways and stare condescendingly at the poor, innocent teenagers who actually still have something to contribute to the world.

There is obviously a reason for why I do not yet rule the world. I blame the wrong people. the people who are to be blamed, if one is looking for support, is the U.S.A. pre-Obama, Israel (though they did blow up our bunker HQ), The System, the government and the king.

My desire to take over the world has long been present. My methods have sadly not succeeded much yet. My original plan was to take over the world by design, but i have since then realized I must start smaller. My new plan is therefore to take over my school. I am currently the leader of one student organisation, and will in all probability be elected big brother of another come autumn. My influence beyond these two organisations is sadly not very enormous, but that will change. Oh, will it change.

Teabladez out.