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~:.Twi's Journal.:~
Let's see...contents: Poems, stories, daily events, dreams, pictures, my music, pretty much anything! ^.^
Crazy dreams from 2008
S'more crazy dreams of mine that I recorded!

Last night I had a dream that I went to the beach. I didn't go alone, though. I went with the cast from Reba, haha. It was actually fun. There's not a whole lot I remember about the dream. Oh well.

Last night I had a couple dreams.
The first one was I worked at a fancy restaurant as a hostess. And the customers were really rich and tipped us like $20 for little things like a new fork or something.
The next dream was I was in preschool class again, and we took the kids on a field trip to the mall? 'Twas weird.

Last night I had a lot of dreams, but I remember only 3.
Number One:
I was at work and I got off at abou 9-ish. So Mom picked me up (like always) and turned left and went up about 10 blocks. She took a right then another right (which doesn't exist to where we were in the neighborhood). And where a tire shop is supposed to be and a McDonald's is this huge hill with a mansion at the top. There's a huge line and it's for a Breaking Dawn party. I had a bracelet (that I had gotten from a different dream) that got me to the front of the line. And for some reason, my high schools womens basketball coach was there as the "ticket taker". So I go inside and I find Oxo BLink oxO. We head to a room that has desks in it. It's sort of looks like a classroom. We sit in chairs and in walks Rob (the actor who played Edward in the Twilight movie). Oxo BLink oxO was freaking out and practically fell out of her chair. Then he sat next to me ^^. (I guess we were doing some sort of roleplaying from Twilight). Then I woke up lol.
Number Two:
Tom (my cat) is upstairs currently with a bladder infection (like she is IRL) and I had a dream that she snuck downstairs but was stuck down here and made messes (if you know what I mean).
Number Three:
I lived at the beach and I was on this boat (that I guess I owned). I grabbed a killer whale shaped floating thing and just floated along and went to shore. Then I walked home and as I'm walking home, snakes keep appearing. So I get pulled into this house to be protected from the snakes. But the snakes were coming in through the cracks and windows. So the daughter (and I guess my friend?) took me into the basement to be protected from the snakes and somehow the basement was safe. 'Twas weird.

(people who have watched I Love New York and I Love Money on VH1 know what and who I am talking about)
The other night I had a dream that I was on a different version of the show "I Love Money" and one of the challenges had a pool included in it. There was a cute guy there too! Then after the challenge, Chance and I started flirting with each other lol.

The other night I had a couple of dreams.
1. My grandma (dads mom) was alive.
2. Oxo BLink oxO and I were judges on Iron Chef America

So, a while ago, I had a dream that I was a contestant on the show "I Love Money". Well, I dunno, about a week later, I had a dream about the reunion show with me there as well lol. Weird.

So the other night I had a dream that I totally totally went off on my enemy Taylor...in my grandpa's old backyard...O.o
And last night I had a dream that Tom (my cat) had kittens.

So last night I had a dream that I was in this relay race thing and I was teamed up with some people in my University Studies class and also against them. 'Twas strange.

Dream 1: Well, I don't remember that much but it was a jail place that me and some other people were trying to escape from.
Dream 2: I went to work and was going to give my supervisor his Secret Santa gift. I looked in my bag and it was gone. I left it at home. I called Mom and Dad but they wouldn't pick up the phone. I felt really bad. Yea lame dream I know...
Dream 3: I was at an anime convention at my school (a weird version of it) and I was in my Yuna cosplay. I was hanging around with Rikku and Paine when suddenly a "bad guy" (who was blue) showed up and wanted to challenge us, mainly me. But I think I was hidden behind Rikku and Paine. So the blue guy left down a stairwell and stupid Rikku followed him down the stairwell and tried to pick a fight. Paine followed and I did too, not wanting to be alone. I shouted something down to Rikku and the blue guy looked up and saw me and began to run up the stairs. Rikku and Paine ran up the stairs too and then we became seperated. I ran down the brightly lit hallway towards a cosplay group, then ran down a different stairwell and eventually slid down the railing. Then I woke up lol.

Last night I had a dream that I was at work and my supervisor, some of my classmates from University Studies, and myself had to put on a skit/play...at my work...So I forgot to memorize my lines, and my supervisor and everyone else was pissed lol.

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