Ugh, I've got so much to do. Luckily I just finished the biggest part, the History fair Project (I did mine on Elvis Presley, it's actually kind of swanky, if I do say so myself) so now all I have to do is a week's worth of makeup work. Huzzah.
I had to take a week off of school because my grandfather died two Saturdays ago, and we stayed for the funeral which was a week later. I hope my grandmother is okay, though. She seems to be coping, which is great. They were married for 47 years! That's quite a long time.
In other news, I have recently discovered lolcats and failblog.
In other other news news, I found out that A Dance With Dragons is SUPPOSED to be released October 27, but I shan't keep my hopes too high up, because it could very well be late (though I think this time is for real, since I can pre-order it on for $19.80).
In other other OTHER news, I'm writing a story. Not those dumb ones I submit to the arenas (those are just side stories) but a thought out, planned story. I'm getting hardcore with this one (meaning that I am going to do all the rigorous editing and proofreading and rewriting stuff). I might add a summary later.
I also updated my Deviantart account, you can check me out (username= dethxbunnie).