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Yue Amazaki

Name: Yue Amizaki


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My own crappy sketch:

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Yue blindfolded: User Image
(nobody dew this. It was the best I could find until somebody else draws her with a blindfold on)



Eye Color: whitish green

Hair Color: greyish (purple sheen)

Can never be seen without: An empty sword sheath, the actual sword being lost many years ago. She keeps it around just in-case, and has used it as a weapon many times over again, given to her to what she had once believed was her father, and her patterned scarf.

Ability: She can levitate things and make them move in lightning speeds. Anything can become her weapon, but she prefers to use the sword sheath, since it has never broke before despite the force used on it.

Conditions for Ability:
She must be blindfolded. If she sees any light or any shadows her concentration is broken and she can't focus her power. (She can't just close her eyes cause she is easily distracted)

She is shy and looks serious at first glance and delicate but once she gets to know a person she can be very hyper and happy-go-lucky. She has many strange quirks and rituals that people rarely get used to. She gets seriously angry when just mentioning the demons and even angrier when mentioning the so called "hero" of the world. She doesn't remember who she was before the world ended, only distant shadows of her parents, but she tries to keep a positive outlook on things.

Clothes she usually wears:

Shorts/skirt and a sweater shirt with a stripe on it with knee high boots and some thigh high socks. Go ahead and be creative with her

Any other questions just ask ^_^

Can be coupled with:

Other arts I recieved of her:

User ImageUser Image

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