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We The Dreamer
The journal of my beliefs, ideas, and random stuff
Rooftop Scene
Kale stood sill on the hard and cold rooftop of the clock tower starring down Rex, his opponent. Rex stood with guns in his idle hands and his face twisted into a violent Rage.

Rex: “If I can’t have here! No one can!!

His shots rang though the silence of the still night. Kale dashed to the pillars trying to avoid gunfire.

Kale: “She’s not yours to have, anymore!!”

He waited for the barrage to end and dashed toward Rex, running diagonally. Memories flooded his mind of his sweet Minello, her beauty radiating the hollows of his mind. He remembered the solemn day that her light was eclipsed when Rex had beaten her to the ground and Kale stepped in for the first time and fell in love. His eyes flashed red with anger as he reached Rex and kicked a gun out of his hand.

Kale: “No monster like you deserves an angel like her!!”

He graved the other gun in Rex’s hand and pulled down, touching the ground with it’s muzzle and brought his elbow back forcefully into Rex’s face, stunning him slightly as he dropped the gun and staggered back. Rex quickly recovered and launched a left hook at Kale, grazing his chin as he jumped back. Rex jumped to the floor for a gun, but Kale kicked it across the roof top, it landing near the southern ledge. Rex gripped Kale’s leg and pulled him to the ground, his fists clinched tightly, he began to unleash a fury of punches at Kale. Kale laid with his arms up, blocking blows to his chest and face and sliding from side to side to dodge blows to his sides.

At first chance Kale found, he launched a devastating blow to Rex’s face, catching his cheek with his knuckle. Rex quickly recovered.

Rex: “Say goodnight!!”

He threw one last punch at Kale with immense force, landing in Kale’s face.

Kale closed his eyes and laid limp on the floor. Rex got off of him and held his hand to his cheek, feeling the blood coming from it. In anger he lashed out at Kale’s motionless body,, kicking him hard in the ribs. He smirked as he saw Kale take the blow with ought budging. He seemed almost lifeless if it were not for the slow rise and fall of his chest. Rex looked down at Kale and smirked while he bent down to pick up the gun laying a few feet away from Kale. He cocked the gun and walked to where Kale’s legs were zealously. He pointed the gun at Kale’s head.

Rex: “Not so tough now huh?”

Rex’s hand held tightly on the handle as his pointer came back slowly on the trigger and- BANG! The gun went flying through the air landing on the northern end of the roof. The bullet penetrating the ground above Kale’s head, the casing landing on his leg as the other one rose over a 90degree angle, kicking Rex’s hand. Rex staggered back holding his hand in utter shock as he saw Kale spin his legs, flip himself over, and release a devastating kick to his leg. Rex growled in pain as he fell to the ground, his leg broken by Kales. Rex rose on one foot and jumped back as another kick came rushing at his face. He staggered back to the pillar behind him, breathing heavily and cradling his leg.

Kale stood in the center of the pillars breathing heavily; the kick to his side had crushed a few ribs and caused him immense pain.

Both contenders stood and stared at each other, their eyes flashing both pain and anger into each others and they both knew they couldn’t carry this any further. They looked over each others shoulders and found their solution, a gun. A gun laid exactly opposite of each other on the edge of the clock tower.

The air grew still around the two as they regained their composure the best they could. The two stood starring at each other until-

Bong! Bong!

The time was 9 o’ clock. They dashed for the guns, Kale holding his side, Rex hopping on one leg.


They both fell to the ground…


The crawled to the guns…


They picked them up…


They stood with guns facing each other…

Bon- BANG!!

The guns fired simultaneously and rang though the night, engulfing the sound of the bell.


Rex fell to the floor. The rage in his eyes fleeting as the blood from his chest stained is shirt and pooled. With every pint gone, so was he.


Kale stood with blood trickling down his side; pain was now surging though him so strong. It felt to him as if his ribs had been obliterated by the shot. He tried to step forward, but the pain was so unbearable that he staggered back and landed on his knees. He sat holding his side, trying to keep the blood from pouring. He tried to stand up, but it was to much for him and he came crashing down onto a knee. Suddenly he heard the stepping of hastened feet on the stairs to his right. He stood up suddenly, ignoring the horrible consequences for his actions, as he saw Minello in all her beauty at the entrance to the stairs.

Minello took one step out of the doorway to the rook and saw Rex laying on the ground motionless.

Minello: “Rex!?!”

She ran to his body and flipped it over, the bullet hole staring her in the face as his eyes gazed emptily into hers. Her eyes began to sting with tears flooding from her face and she became overwhelmed and threw herself on top of Rex.
Minello: “I should of tried to stop you!…”

Kale stood in shock. He couldn’t believe that she ran to him, him of all people! The horrid man who struck her down, the tyrant that abused her, the controller that manipulated her every action. She didn’t even so much as look at Kale.

Kale: “ *Grown* ”

He tried to yell to her but the words would not leave his mouth. He tried to step toward her, but staggered backward in pain.

Kale: “ Minello!… ”

He stood on the edge with hands reached out. Minello never looked up. His beloved never gave him a glance.

Kale: “Minello…”

He spoke with ought hope. His eyes falling to the ground as he saw his feet halfway over. He took one look up to meet the eyes of Minello, smiled slightly, and tilted backward off the edge.

Minello: “Kale!!!”

The air around Kale caught him softly and threw him to the ground slowly. Tears stringed above him in the air like an arch of sorrow. He closed his eyes and sweet memories of him and Minello flooded his head. The first time they touched, kissed, held hands, and her mere presence his mind with gentle words.

His gentle vision stopped abrupt as he opened his eyes and saw Minello’s face hanging over the edge, her tears meeting his as they fell. He saw her face so horrified and upset as he went further and further away from her vision into the abyss of the night.

Kale stared back at her in fear; fearing his death, the loved he is to lose, and the feeling of never being able to see her again. But, through the confliction, he smiled. He smiled to ease Minello’s mind. He smiled to let her know the everything was going to be ok. Leaving the smile on his face, he flipped himself over and darted down, down from Minello’s sight, down into the night as a giant black bird flew away into the moon.

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    Tue Feb 24, 2009 @ 08:07pm

    I liked what I read so far but one thing bugs me the most with the whole piece: you almost always start sentences with their name (ex.: Kale/Rex).

    True in a script it's not important, however how you wrote this it's more like a novel type text than a script. Script normally just sports out the action, movement, extra effects, when sounds/music (BG) start and the what more realted and necessary to know when working with it.

    So what you planned to do with this again? A few manga/comic pages? Or was some light practice and timing with animation (flash?).

    Quoting is the best way to get me to respond back.

    Avatar usually cosplay related. Unless in a random OC mood.

    In Portugal, Europe.
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