Okay, if u came here, this might not be about you and if you aren't that's good!
First, everyone.
Everyone, is correcting me, like my friend said bmth is screamo, I'm like they're freaking deathcore and metalcore.
Second, people are ignoring and annoying me!
Third,I am, let's see mad,sad,pissed? Umm;;Pretty much pissed!
Fourth, I hate rap,hip-hop,country,pop, and other crappy shizz.
I listen to deathcore,grindcore,metalcore,emocore,emo,deathcore,powerpop,synthpop,screamo,post-hardcore.
Not much for me but, much for you.
Thnx for reading and PHUCK YOU!![well if you're not mentioned in here it's a happy-ish]