Darkthaw sang and flashed with light as it danced back and forth,
destroying vast amounts of life with every swing. The glow that
emanated from it grew stronger with every drop of blood it spilled,
quickly becoming a pale blue star amidst the sea of blood. Skye
and his fae soldiers easily drove a wedge into the enemy
forces. When the enemy ran out of reinforcements, he could
finish them and immediately take control of the fortress that lay
ahead, just within view. Suddenly, there was a low rumbling off
to the west. Without a sound, a multitude of shadows poured
over the hills from that direction. Slowly, the shadows became
more distinct, and just before colliding with the two already
combatting armies, the shadows became discernable. An army
of ten thousand riders, armed with fell spears, wearing the
same grotesque armor, and riding enormous black steeds. The
mass of shadows swept over the battlefield, leaving trails of corpses
in their wake. Even Skye, with his enchanted blade was thrown
down, but as he lay dying in a pool of blood, he cast up his sword
and recited the forbidden incantation. There was a flash of light
and the blade suddenly took on a winged form. The sea of bodies
was engulfed in an all devouring flame, destroying everything,
living or not. The fallen one, its power all but spent, fell from the
sky into the blazing inferno, and embraced the one thing it held
no hatred towards, before being swallowed by the flame, Skye's