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Kitty's journal
No clue what to write about :D just whatever I feel like writing.
Saturday, March 7, 09
Okay, well I got up at like, 7:45 on a SATURDAY. That is not right. at all. Well, I left for my ensemble (school singing group) class at 8:45 and its started at 9. It was 4 hours long. Four hours of singing William Tell overture (if u don't know what that is, its the song that they play at beginning of races with the trumpet. yeah we SING a trumpet. wtf lol)
Then I had to run to the mall and didnt have enough time to go home. So I changed in the bathroom (sad, isnt it?) and then went to the store I would be working at. I met another girl there who would be working with me. Get this, we have the same birthday. Best b-day evur.
Then I had to stand for 2 hours. omg. It was fun, but my legs hurt so badly xD and then some guy who knew the other girl came up and was talking to me. I was like O-O eek. I didnt even know him. He wasn't ugly or anything,. Just not my type. My mom walked by, and I looked at her like "help!!" Then this older guy (20's) was staring at me. I was like EWWWWWW. Made me wish I wasnt wearing a fancy dress xD Then my mom got me a CELLOPHONE (wewt) Me and a friend have been texting ever since I got it. Cuz she came to the mall to see me (i felt so special xD) and she was like ZOMG PRETTY DRESS xD then we found out she had the same phone. (whats with all the similarities?? x3) so then we shopped. But then I didnt feel good. (:c) and then I went home. yaaaaayyy xD

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Blue Space
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commentCommented on: Sun Mar 08, 2009 @ 02:42am

commentCommented on: Sun Mar 08, 2009 @ 02:51am
yup. And you said my life was boring xP

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