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So Long and Thanks for all the Fish
Nothing, much my boring life....Most of the time. If you read it you might get lucky sometimes interesting things happen. A lot of inside jokes....and fish.....lots of fish.
OK, so, it's only been like...what's that, let me talk to my secretary...
hmm? what's that...oh...it's been about two months...hmm, they can't sue can they?

Well, now that that's cleared up, wait, wha–
aaaaccchhhh!!!!! no, not the ears! not the ears! I'll do anything, even a post a day!!! Noooo, don't bring out the bunnies!

Er, I'm fine, nothing wrong with– OUT! OUT OF MY HOUSE! SHOO YOU PESKY JOURNAL MAFIA!
Finally, they're gone! mrgreen
Anywayz, I got braces! I mean, I meant to make an entry about that when I ACTUALLY GOT THEM, but whatever, I am now....SO DON'T LET THE JOURNAL MAFIA KILL ME! PLEASE! I BEG YOU! gonk

I also officially started my youtube channel, so CHEKKITOWT!
I think I'm in love with David Tennant....
redface pfffft! That's ridiculous because we all know David Tennant is in love with Billie Piper. What's that? Rose and the Doctor are only TV characters? NO! I will not believe it! What, you say that Doctor Who isn't real? I COMMAND YOU TO STOP SPEWING THIS NONSENSE PISS FROM YOU MOUTH! What's to say that the Doctor and Rose are real and David Tennant and Billie Piper are the fictional characters? NO! NONONONONONNONONONONONONONONO!!!!! *covers ears with hands and hums loudly* YOU'RE A LIAR! YOU'RE NOT A REAL TWEE! I'M A REAL TWEE!

And the same applies to Buffy and Angel so happy fuh day b17$#!!!!

So I was watching Buffy and as Zaria says, "Buffy's doin too much." She's such a b***h, so even though Spike was acting all smug and jerky and not all sweet-ish after they had sex, Buffy was all "You're a THING Spike, I'm above you...yadayadayah...I am disgusted with myself...yadayah...I could NEVER fall in love with a thing."
OK, well here's a few things for you to chew on Buffster:
1. Spike is h4wt!!!
2. Angel is h4wt too!!! whee

Also, I love Anya, she is my favoritez!!!! I wanted the action figure of her and her bunny suit but I didn't have any money left and Anna was being a b***h and wouldn't lend me any.

Now that I started, let's talk about WonderCon!!!
So I went for Va's b-day as usual and it was great. Syddy-ru and I bought matching fox hats, her's was gray for Ximm and mine was blue for Sulpi.
I got this nift3h necklace and c00l shirts.
I also made three random friends:
1. My fox buddy– we were both glomping this comic called "Mouse Guard" and then when we simultaneously asked what it was about we were all "random friend!"
2. Frank Beddor– the guy who wrote the Looking Glass Wars, I was at his booth last year but hadn't read it yet so this year I was all "'Sup" and then we started talking about Hatter and whether he sucks or not and then I told him about the awesome millinery coats that costed $1k.
3. Squee Girl– the. cutest. three. year. old. ever. She was all strokin' Anna's mokona and Jazzy and I were all "aaaaaaaaaawwwwwww!!!!"
And then we were chillin on the balcony and could see the whole convention floor and there were so many people and we were all "Holy Shet!" and then video stalked people with my camera that had the kickass zoom of life.
There's a lot more but that's the basic gist.

Wait– the journal mafia just chopped my left pinky off and told me to tell you about the Gaia Panel

So we went on Friday to the Gaia panel and THE FUH!? I know this is totally late news but, THEY FIRED DJ!!!!1?? I mean, how could they? DJ is like the IRL face of Gaia and he's sm3xy! And then, get the nerve of this, we show up at the panel and DJ IS the panel, I mean what kind of classy company sends the guy the layed off to do their panel?
There were also only like 20 people there and it was kewl because it was more like a discussion than a panel even though I think DJ thought we were annoying crying
He is kind of an a*****e....ish, not really, but still.

Now that's all.

Also, I want to change my Journal name, so tell me any suggestions in comments!

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The Albino Strawberry
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Mar 10, 2009 @ 06:58am
I like the name how it is.

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