Knowledge is power.
So why choke your brain?
Have the power to acknowledge what's real.
You condemn the world who is out to get you.
When in reality you're hiding behind that fear.
Why would your family lie to you when all they've done is care and be there to brace your fall?
Your friends will lie because they're just as scared of the world.
Afraid of being hurt, afraid of failing.
We can't be hurt, if we hurt them first.
Does this seem like logic?
If you really knew what you were doing and really cared would you have hurt everyone you did?
What will give you the knowledge you strive for?
Teachers? No. Friends? No. Police? No. The government? No. Yourself? Yes.
Save yourself, because no one else can.
And it starts in your mind.
Mind over matter.
Knowledge is power.