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Some sht
These are some stories I wrote....I am currently working on a book.
The eye of death

"Oh damn it," exclaimed Zack "i'm going to be late for work.." Zack was 25. He was tall and slender. He had shaggy, brown hair. His green eyes jumped from car to car inspecting the traffic. He picked up his cell phone. Ring....ring....ring.... "This is Sear's, electronics and home appliances. How my I help you?" "Cut the Crap Ashley. Tell boss I'm stuck in the traffic." said Zack. "Oh..Sorry. Fine, but you owe me a beer." she said over the phone. "Ok.."

The day had pasted and Zack was about to head home until Ashley approached him while he was getting into his car. "You owe me a beer." She said, a grin stretched across her face. "Oh, right. Come on get in. Good idea anyway, traffic is hell today." Zack said.
They pulled up into 'Scott's Irish pub'. "Remember only one beer. You remember what happened last time." The pub smelt like smoke and wood. They picked aa spot at the end of the bar. "What'll ya have, mate?" The bartender said. his irish accent was thick. A chill creapt down his back. "Uh.. 2 pints of beer." "Sure mate, come'in up." He walked off.
"Did you feel it too?" Zack whispered into Ashley's ear. "The sudden feelig of death and doom?" she replied. "Um..yea." He whispered. "I don't know what that was, but I wanna drink my beer and get the hell out of here."
They left the money on the bar and left as fun as fast they could. "That was wierd." Ashley said. "I know." They tried getting in the car. "I just unlocked it..What the hell?" He tried to open it again. Then he fealt it. That feeling of death and doom.
A chuckle spread across the empty parking lot. Zaack spun around. It was the bartender. He had a bat in his hand. Before Zack could react, The man hit him across the head, and everything went black.

He woke in a chair, tied up next to Ashley. "Where are we Ash?" He turneed his head. It was obviously crying. "I...I don't know th-the...man...he knocked you out withthe bat and then tied me up and put us in his car and brought us here...."
"It's ok Ash i'll find a way to get us out." Zack said. The door slammed open. "So your awake." The mans accent echoed through the room. He puled out a knife. "I'll start by cutting off every one of your toes. Then fingers... and then your legs and arms." A grin spread across his face.
Zack lifted his butt off the ground and ran towards the man. Before th man could react, Zack swung the chair around and hitthe man unconcious. He bent down and picked the knife up and cut the rope lose.
"How..did you do that?" Ashley said in awe. "I don't know but let's get the hell out of here." Zack said, and cut off Ahley's rope.

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