So yeah... BS is happening all around me, I'm trying to manipulate things and feelings, and I'm feelings kinda... idk, down? My parents are close to kicking me out of the house nowadays, even though they SAID that I could stay long as I continued to go to college and contribute to the household, which I AM doing.

Things are a bit deeper than that, though I must say. Feelings about how my big brother was is starting to affect their judgement on how to deal with me. Anyways, they have us set up my lil brother's former room into the new "office/study" and it's going a bit better. I am still on here at least, and I still play WoW. I am not really worried about my SecondLife account(s). I AM somewhat worried about my Master, and my friends... I almost hesitate to call them so, it is really hard. My best bud, another Furry by the name "Kelchan", is getting into a deep relationship with his long time friend and they hope to one day be with each other, contributing to a household of their own, and maybe one day getting kids. She and He are pretty much better off without me, so I leave them alone these days, as I know that being a "politician" takes some turns that would hurt them, and I'd rather not do that right now.

Shadow, my illusory friend, is keeping me safe, and I am trying not to break down.

Some of my college friends who have Gaia accounts have apparantly been hacked, so in a few days, I hope to help them. Which bring me to "My Store" which is prolly gonna bring me some SIGNIFICANT promise with the items I am now able to create because of zOMG!. As costly as it is, if you want a profit, you need to put the Buy Now at more than double the regular sale price, and then... set the Bid price to as low as possible, and allow anybody to bid at whatever price they want, makes for good speculation and enjoyable to watch people fight over the item(s).