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Umm.. My poems?
Love lives in the daisy's, in the meadows of cool tempered spring.
In the tulips, and red roses, while the birds beautifully do sing.
The vivid color's swirling, dancing, flowing across the wind.
Tempting us of our atrocities and divulging ourselves in sin.
What seems to be, really isn't.
What tries to be, really can't.

We try and give our love, to have it accepted by half open arms.
We dont always expect a return for what we've given.
But when it does happen we feel great, invulnerable to senseless harm.
Only to have it all be so fake, just tried on, her priceless mistake.
I gave it my best, but i guess im not worth the chance.
Taking a dip, swaddle your feet, join me in life's primitive dance.
Not even worth the try, just the temporary gaze.
All that's left is pity love, and things i can't explain.
Did i really know her? Or was i just playing into a game?
So much together, the ties we've made and shared.
I really truly did believe that you actually knowingly lovingly cared.
But im not worth it, im far flung, who would ever fall for this damned son of a gun?
Im an exciting quick thrill, something short that passes.
Though my love and care for you still remains the same

You made your choice, leaving me blank.
Of what could have been, should have been, had it not faded black.
Of course no one knows, no one see's.
How much we truly had meant to be.
The times we shared, the love we dared.
How much i truly, really, lovingly cared.
How we acted together when no one was around.
How you could lay with me, rest peacefully, and never make a sound.
All those time's were nothing to you it would seem.
Because all of them to me were my most prized and cherished dreams

But you can replace me, there's a big fat line.
Of all the people of earth that can't wait to take what i once had as mine.
You'll have plenty of fun, no doubt about that.
But it wont be real, it wont be the fact.
You'll soon realize what you had, and how you let it slip away.
Something real, something true, that's not played out on stage.
True feelings, true friendship, bonds together staying strong.
However much you've hurt me, my heart still carries on.

All that's left is empty, your mind changes every single day,
Why dont you pick a path, live a choice, and not drag me every which way?
I go along with everything, surviving on just pure chance.
Take a dip, swaddle your feet, join me in life's primitive dance.

I'll take this blow and all the rest.
Wish you well, and do what you think is best.
You can't decide between the lines, can't choose, you don't know.
You cannot decide, to try and give your feelings out from deep within, inside, below.
I've stood by you, and always will, through the thick and the thin.
And just because this battles over doesn't mean we didn't win.
I still love you the same, and though i don't know your real thoughts.
Im prepared to give my all, and suffer through every single daily cost..
Thinking of how we got so close, and never made it through, because of the pain in the past and feelings so confused.

The future holds what is tempest,
illustrating our sorrows and pains.
Disregard the feelings, catalyze the shame
Farther along there's reason, to be alive and well
While nothings working here, later it might change only time will tell
A quicklet spooned with sugar, grows mildly throughout the day
but realizations of life take time to come and grow and sway.

Your my best friend and i love and trust you with all my heart,
that's why this has taken and shattered my feelings, torn apart.
But i will never leave your side, not even for a moment,
ill always be there for you through the good times and the bad.
Someone to run to, someone to cry on, someone to rely on,
Someone to be there for you when your down,
to hold you close and never make a sound.
Ill be anything for you..

Take a dip, swaddle your feet, join me in life's primitive dance,
and maybe we'll survive on the fate of love's true wild chance..

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  • [04/05/09 10:25pm]
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