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34 muscles to frown. 4 muscles to stick up my middle finger and tell 'em to bite me!
Life Through My Eyes As Of Today...
Welcome to my life where...
Life hurts.
Love sucks.
Then you die.

Any questions class... I didn't think so. evil

NOVEMBER 23, 2005 - Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I get to spend it with my lovely family. My mom's family. Total of five cousins, two aunts, one uncle, one grandfather, eight second cousins and one great aunt. Thats not including the fact that one of my second cousin is engaged and pregnant(she is only 18 and not even out of high school), or the boyfriends/girlfriends of my lovely family.I've never gotten along with them, neither has my dead beat father who ran off with his girlfriend July 2004. Then to top it off, my best friend has this thing about having me do things I never did before. Like ride a roller coaster, go to maine, have a road trip, and to top it off... after thanksgiving christmas shopping. This should be fun! Up before the sun to shop. I have $50 to spend. Oh yay!

NOVEMBER 22, 2005 - College, the only good thing, teachers can cancel class and you don't have to come to school. Out of all my classes today, one didn't cancle. This one class happens to be my longest perios... 3hours long. Reason... it's one day a week. This teacher is WAY too in to this subject of criminal justice. He is uptight, a jerk and never keeps his promises. Not to mention, if you need to get ahold of him, you need to use the school's e-mail. If the school's e-mail don't work, you can't contact him. Welcome to Quinsigamond Community College, how may we ******** up your chances of a good future?

NOVEMBER 2005 - Well, My dad is out of the car picture. My mom is bying my a 1997 honda Accord for $3000. Not bad, sun roof, Pioneer CD player, alarm. MINT contintion. So, it beats what my dad was suppose to get me.

OCTOBER 2005 - The first of many court days for the divorce. On the day of the divorce, my dad dares to ask for the Christmas stocking, he gave me last year, back. He says "It's hard to fill when I don't have it." What is he trying to pull. Then he e-mails me asking for a Christmas list. Anyways, during the divorce, it is his respondibility to pay half my tuition for college. He thinks half of the WHOLE tuition is half of each month. When we tell him the truth, he gets all pissed. Saying that $200 child support, $700 college tuition, and then his bills, he can't afford the car. Gets me all hiped about getting a new car, and now I aint getting it.

SEPTEMBER 2005 - I totaled my 1986 Chevy cavalier convertable the other day. When I told my dad I needed a new car, he said he would work on it. Well, a month later, he sees my first car and says why should he give me a new car when all I'd do is crash it. Hello, McFly hello? Are you kidding me? You are my father, I got the stupid job like you asked me too, then you go and say you can't afford to help me get a new car. I don't even want him to fully buy it. I just need his help since when he left, my mom's bank account dropped into the red. Then he calls up and says he has a car in the back of his appartment, 1994 chevy cavalier. Only, rusty, hasn't moved since February, owner wants $1000. Says he'd buy it then I'd pay him back. Umm... NO! Then he doesn't talk about the car for like another month. Also, I got a job at the beginning of the month. Sears in auburn, MA. Well... I was having issues at home, including my car crash, mom 's depression and college, I needed to change my schedual slighty. Soinc ei needed to be up at 7am I couldn't work the night before till 9pm. Sinc ei liked like 30mins away. Also, I started going back to church, so sunday mornigns are out of the question. I got fired at the end of the month. THEY DONT DESERVE ME!

JUNE 2005 - Theres another topic I could ramble about. My ******** up of a father who I thought loved me for the first 18 years of my life. So I thought until July 2004. Ran off with his slut of a girlfriend who has a daughter age 10, never been married. She hates me, says she doesn't. Yet, when I went to my dad' family reunion this past june 2005 (she came along). I got pissed at her trying to tell me what to do so I yelled at her. She chased after me (that was a sight) and when she caught up, riped the cell phone from my hands to prevent me from calling my mother back home, then she called me a spoild b***h. Excuse me? I don't think so. She is so lucky I was sobber and not on my medication, I would of so kicked the ever living sheet out of her. When his girlfriend yelled at me and called me a b***h, he never once came outside, he let her yell at me. Then he accused me of it being my fault, not wanting to do anything but listen to my CD player and play solitar with relatives I never see. Like, go swiming in a lake. Hello! I HATE swimming in lakes, and I HATE wearing bathing suits. Well hello, the last thing I want to do is babysit some little spoild b***h of a ten year old. Hello, I'm like his only child, daddy's little girl. What ever happened to respect? User ImageWhAtEvEr!User Image

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