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Episode 1: WTF!
Nuke and Nero are standing in the middle of a large crowd in a city. In this world many strange things happen and Nuke and Nero fight using enchanted guitars that are as hard as any sword, rather then using actual swords.

Nuke: Can you believe this sh*t! scream

Nero: I know man, this is freakin messed up....what exactly is messed up?

Nuke just shakes his head at him and reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a flyer.

Nuke: This is what I'm talking about!

As of now Rock, Japanese music, classical, and every other type of music, other than country, is banned. Any lawbreakers caught in the act will be obliterated.
The Shikuna

Nero: I can't believe this!

Nuke: I know, it's horrible.

Nero: I mean come on. "The Shikuna"? That is such a retarded name. I would've chosen something cooler.

Nuke pulls out his guitar and hits Nero's head with it repeatedly.


Nero pulls out his and blocks an oncoming blow from Nuke. His personality suddenly changes to a serious one.

Nero: I understand that this is a crisis, but if you hit me again then we're going to have some problems.

Nuke ceases his onslaught and takes a deep breath.

Nuke: I'm sorry, but I'm not very happy about this. I mean who the hell does this "Shikuna" think they are. Where the hell do they get off being able to tell us what we can listen to.

Nuke then looks down at his guitar and smiles. He then strums a note, and then another, and then another until he is singing some completely random song.

Nuke: F-r-e-e that spells free. Credit Report dot com baby. Saw their ads on my tv, thought about going but was to lazy.

Nero: What are you doing?

Nuke: They said if they catch anyone listening to music other than country then they'll destroy them. Well i say bring it on. I'll kick all of their asses!

Nero joins in playing.

Nero: Ok, but why the hell are we playing this song?

Nuke: Because this song annoys the hell out of people. So if they hate anything else other than country imagine what this song will do. We'll defiantely get their attention.

Nero: You are such an idiot.

After about a few minutes. About twenty figures wearing cloaks jump out of nearby alleys and surround them. The crowd disperse all screaming and panicing. Nuke stops playing and smiles.

Nuke: It's about time. I thought my plan was a total flop.

Lead Figure: You have broken the law. You shall be obliterated.

Nuke: *twirls his guitar around and smiles* Well, come and try. But you won't have much luck.

Nero: Don't let your guard down. These guys seem to be somewhat powerful.

Nuke: Don't lecture me, i know how to fight stare

Lead Figure: Enough talk! You die now!

The figures then leapt forward all closing in on them. Nuke sighed and gripped his guitar tighter with both of his hands like a sword.

Nuke: Watch. I won't even break a sweat.

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    commentCommented on: Wed May 13, 2009 @ 03:20am
    Nuke is awesome! That song is pretty cool really..lol
    Nero!! YEAH Shikuna...yeah i would had say that..

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