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Lady i-dc
Community Member
10 bans, here's the explanation
Pudding_cak3 - Accused of botting. I never knew what it was but it turns out one of my friends was doing it, she donated some items to me that she bought using botted gold and I got banned for it.
Wunie - accused of hacking my best friend i-strawberrys (she's now lord i-dc). I explained to them the situation and my friend even stepped in to prove it wasn't me. She had a screenshot of the real hacker, he left evidence on her account. Gaia told me their decission was final and I'd stay banned.
Wunie-la, iwunie, iwunie-la, and wuni3 - All of these were reported for "art theft". I was accused of stealing art from sweetangelof1993.deviantart.com, which may I add is my deviant art account. iwunie was banned for 14 days, I created iwunie-la. After the 14 days had passed, I went to log into iwunie and was told it was banned permanantly. Then iwunie-la was banned for 14 days, I created wuni3 and the whole thing repeated again. After that, wuni3 was banned. I sent reports to gaia but none were answered. So I had sent pm's to gaia mods and that's when I found out all those accounts were banned for "art theft". They showed me the pieces I "stole", which were mine. They were on my DA and all had my signature or initial on it; Angie Lehmann or A.L. I even had my usernames posted on my DA. After that last pm was sent to them, they never replied back. I was ignored again.
sweetangelof1993 - banned for art theft. I asked them what I had stolen, they never replied back.

pudding_cak3 through sweetangelof1993 ban explanations (in full detail) & proof are here:
(it was an old petition I had made but gaia moved it to the recycling bin)

i-sweetangelof1993 - banned for art theft too, once again ignored.
x-sweetangelof1993-x - originally banned for 2 weeks for helping enforce the art arena rules. I simply told some girl (she had stolen art) to remove the stolen artwork before the mods get her. She refused, so I reported her, but I never told her. I never even harrassed her. And that's the whole ordeal with the pm.
art_nazi - Reason unknown? Probably something stupid like having the mod's pm displayed on profile.

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