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The forgotten journal Most of the things written in here don't pertain to my life anymore and if they were real pages, I'd burn them and forget about it. But nothing is ever quite "deleted" from the internet, so here it remains.

Arcana Grimoire
Community Member
Slipping down a slippery slope...
Hah! the title made you think I was depressed, right?! So you came to check on me right? Well, aren't you just the sweetest!

No... everything is good. I'm passing school, I'm not in trouble, I feel human for a bit... not evil or anything like that...

Well... there are times...

You see... Sometimes when things just stress me out so much that I'm about to break... I feel a shift somewhere deep inside. Something stirs inside that responds to the negative stimuli. As it awakens, it stretches to fill up every part of me. It is then when it takes control.

I begin to feel confident, daring, and all out powerful. You want to boss me around? Try it, you won't like the result though. Want to leave this work to me when you can sit there and talk about something with your buddies? Prepare to be utterly humiliated. Want to act like you own my thoughts? Find out what happen when you get through my mind.

I feel dangerous, sexy, and cunning. I feel like I can take on everything in heels. Need an alternate model for your little show? Even though I've never done that before, I'm going to rock it. Want someone to protect you? Hell hath no fury like me when I'm like this. Anyone who wants to fight better be prepared for one. Is there something you need? I'll procure it, even if it's putting myself into danger. Why? Because I'm more than capable of it.

So... before this I'm weaker... easily hurt. But once whatever it is that wakes up when the stress piles on I feel so much better... far more powerful...

Kinda makes you wish for more stress, eh?

PS.. I have felt better the past few days... but I attribute it to lack of sleep rofl

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