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Wisteria chapter 1
Wisteria ~ chapter 1

Silent humming broke the midnight air. A sun-burst colored Ford Fusion made it's way through the rolling mountains, as the full moon seemed to dance across the sky. Inside the ford, was a small teenager. She rest her pale face on her hand, her blue gaze unwavering as she looked at the changing terrain. She slowly turned her penitrating gaze on the man driving the car.
"Father, when will we reach the city?" She mumbled.
"... Soon." He paused, " We will be there shortly Kei."
"Kei, if you sleep on the way there, it'll go by faster." The woman in the passangers seat sugested. Kei thought about it, then took her advise. But before she could close her eyes, the woman warned her," Please remember not to tell anyone that we are vampires, we only want to live in peace along side with the mortals, but they look at us with scorn." She wrinkled her nose with disgust.
"Mom, not all mortals are that way, som-" Kei started.
"What do you mean, 'not all mortals are that way'!!?" Mom hissed. " They almost made our kind extinct by organizing these so-called 'vampire hunts', it makes me sick!" Her burning crimson eyes seemed as if it could blast a hole right through her.
Kei started to fidget with her long brownish-black hair uncomfortably. This was exactly the kind of talk she hated. Her mother would preach to her about how mortals couldn't be trusted, when in fact Kei had a mortal friend. She had been all but what her mother discribed mortals to be. NO! I will not let her talk about mortals in this biased way!! She returned the hot gaze straight back into her eyes.
The silence was split when her father spoke, "We're here." He looked as if he was intentionally changing the subject.
"Oh, you're right." She nodded and looked at Kei,"Kei, I think it would be better to not make any mortal friends in the first place." She smiled and snickered. " I don't think that will be a problem for you, I mean you are extremally anti-social in the first place. Also, if I've found out you've made a mortal friend, you will be severaly punished."
Without saying another word, Kei let her gaze fall, and felt a small pang in her heart. Just because she hates mortals doesn't mean she can force it back on to me....

A few silent minutes passed, and they arived at their new home. It was some what modest, that is... if you had the fashion sense of a vampire. It was an older building, probably from the 1600's. It was a gothic style of some sort. Kei's Mom and Dad, hurried out of the car and opened the trunk. Kei, however, unhurriedly stepped out of the car and took her only belongings in the house.
She reached the door, and before she even touched it, a breeze came through, and of coarse, the door came squeaking open. That is not safe at all! She thought. Kei rushed in and asked, "Which room is mine?"
"The 2nd to the left in the hall way." Her father answered back.
She raced to the end of the hallway and opened the door to her new room. Like the rest of the house, it was aged to the point where what she thought was carpet was actually dust, covering the maple hard-wood floors. Kei shrugged it off and started to un-pack. Picture frames and old art went across the room, but it was like adding a delicate flower to a sludge field. She changed into a plain white shirt with a plaid workmens shirt left open, she also put on an old black pair of loose fitting mens cargo pants. She took a look at her-self in a cracked mirror. She strolled over to her belongings, and took out a brown cap with a light-brown strip on it and put a miniscule portion in her mouth. Now that her hands were free, she put all of her hair in her hands and twisted it. Then she quickly took her cap and slid it on.
She walked into the kitchen where her parent where standing.
"Nyaaaaaa! This house has alot of character!!" Kei's mom giggled. She turned around and noticed Kei. A sneer crossed her face,"Kei, you're still as much of a tomboy as ever." When Kei was heading towards the door she barked out," Where are you going?"
She retorted,"Out for a walk ."
To her suprise, her mom said, "Okey, be careful." She turned away, then looked back. "Kei, you serously look like a boy with your hair stuffed in that filthy hat."
Kei turned away and left without saying a word. She closed her eyes. So... my new life starts here... because of that incident we had to... When she opened her eyes, she no longer knew where she was. Don't panic, just calm down and retrace your steps. She walked for aways and heard some voice up ahead.
"Hey guys! Did you hear? Some family moved into that haunted house!!" A voice said.
"Really?! Who would be crazy enough to move into that house? I give them a week!" Another blerted.
"Haha, you said it! Hey you!" The third man called out. Kei froze, They can't be talking to me, can they? Her fear was realized when the three teens aprouched her. She braced herself. They came in about arms lenght away from Kei. For the first time she got a good look at them, the one near the front had beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. Is he a foreigner? He was about 2 inches taller than Kei, and she was 5'3. He wore a simple white buttoned shirt and blue jeans. The other two looked exactly the same, twins maybe? They bolth had black hair and grass green eyes. The twins wore a purple hoodie and tan khakis.
The foreigner stepped forward. "Hello, do you happen to live in that old house?" He put his face dangerously close to hers. He blinked,"My, you have a pretty face for a boy." Geez! I don't care what country you came from foreigner! You don't do that! She quickly turned sharply and started to walk away. "Hold on!" She heared his heavy foot-steps behind her. "Wait!" She felt his hand on her head. The cap gave way and slipped off, letting her long waist lenght hair fall to her sides. She gasped, Oh, no! Now what? She turned and looked at him, straight in the eyes.
"... Your a girl?" He held up the cap, " How did all of your hair fit in there?"
"Wha-?" The twins gasped. Kei bit the inside of her lip, swiped the hat, and bolted for the house, leaving the dumbfounded boys behind.

It was the next day when Kei awoke. Still having what happened yesterday weighing heavily on her mind she went through her daily routine. It was a silent drive to school, and when she arrived, her father, cloaked in heavy black, whispered,"Good luck." Then drove off. As she walked through the door she seen the office. She walked in and waited at the counter, then an old gray-haired lady waddles up on the other side of the desk and asked with a rough voice,"How may I help you?"
"I'm a new student here, my name is Kei Fuji, so I need the school uniform." Kei answered.
"Okay, please hold" The old lady disapeared and came back with the school uniform. "Good luck to you Kei." Kei gave a polite bow and changed into it in the girls bathroom. The top had a shirt collar and had buttons half way through. The tie was a ruffled cloth with a purple strip. The skirt was a peach-ish pink.
She left for the class-room and knocked on the door. A tall women opened the door and instantly recoginized her. "Oh, Fuji-san, come on in. I'm Haruka-sensei." They walked in near the chalkboard. " Okay class, please welcome Kei Fuji-san." As they said hello, she noticed the three boys she ran into yestarday, sitting in the back of the classroom.

Ciara B.

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