As i read 1 heart breaking poem i cry and feel the lonelyness in my life. I'm sorry. I can't help keep it so close in my heart. all i need is more good friends. so much hurts. i can't go through life like this. u know wat problems i have and help me get through it. i have said sorry many times and as i pray every night i ask for u to forgive me for everything i've done. I try so hard to have friends but no one seems to want to be my friend. wen we were friends i never knew this could hurt so much. is there another way u can give me at least 1 more chance. When i get a yes or no answer i will click 4 u to be in my friends. hate in my life has become my only friend. I feel so lonely now. I have had so many chances 1 more and i promise never to hurt u again. for the last time I am sorry and I'm trying to do better, plz forgive me. and i don't blame u if u dont though.

The Liar Dragon.