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Light shimmered off gentle waves of golden brown hair as a young woman twirled around. The soft folds of her white linen dress swirling about her slim figure as peals of laughter escaped her luscious lips. She ran in silence through the rest of an open field, her arms flung wide open as if to capture the autumn wind and make it her own. Green trees stood straight and tall all around her, surrounding the field, their leaves and needles rustling in the breeze. Slowly she came to a halt, her emerald green eyes studying the landscape. A wealthy looking young man appeared behind her. His steps were slow and thoughtful as his soft brown eyes watched her dance. Slowly his thin lips curved upwards into a tender smile. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him standing there, watching her. Immediately she turned towards him, her lightly freckled cheeks reddening. To him, she radiated warmth and loving that he had never seen or felt before. She drew him in, her eyes growing wider with every step he took. Slowly he closed the space between them, until their bodies were almost touching. He stood a good inch or two above her. Yet as he looked down at her, it was not with a domineering or snide expression. It was with an expression of love that he did look upon her with. Gently he pressed his fingertips against her cheeks, softly stroking her jaw line and placing some loose hair behind her ear. She bit her lower lip gently. Slightly she turned her head to the right. He brought two of his fingertips underneath her chin and lifted her chin up so their eyes met. He wound an arm about the small of her back, and pressed her body against his. She felt the warmth of his body through his button up, long sleeve white linen shirt and black trousers. The muscles in his arms tensed around her as he held her close. His eyes seemed to be searching into hers. Her mouth slightly agape with awe and desire as she stared up at him with wide eyes. As he pulled her close she stepped into him, her legs feeling weak all of the sudden. Her whole body seemed to go limp against his as she relaxed into his grip. Slowly she wound her thin arms about his midsection. Clasping her hands together she gave a gentle squeeze. A joyous smile came across her lips as she looked up at him. Small dimples formed on his cheeks as he returned her smile with great enthusiasm. His body ached with apprehension. No longer could he stand there in indecision. He pressed his lips against hers, the warmth and tenderness flooding his body with deep emotions he never knew he had. She grew rigid in his grasp, her body responding to the sudden display of emotion with a most natural reaction. Yet she fought off the immediate desire to run. She closed her eyes and puckered her lips against his. He brought his other arm about her, his medium sized, calloused hand closing about the back of her head. For what seemed like days they stood there, their bodies close, their mouths enclosed about each other. After a few moments they pulled apart, both slightly embarrassed and amused by the sudden display of emotion that was not allowed before between them. Her breasts tingled with a sensation she had never felt before. It seemed to flow down her body, down to her very toes. She shivered with delight and smiled broadly. He seemed to have shared the feeling, for she noticed he too did shiver. It was a small shiver, for of course he was a man. To show too much delight in the smaller things would not make him masculine. He smiled lightly as he drew her in once more and hugged her. Bringing his lips to her ear, he whispered softly, “I have a surprise for you.” He brought his head back so he could see her reaction. She blinked rapidly a few times and tilted her head to the side. Confusion entered her soft facial features as she exclaimed in a high, feminine voice, “A surprise? Oh you shouldn’t have!” She began to giggle softly. He unwound his arms from her waist and took her hand. “Follow me,” he spoke in a rough voice. He winked at her and began to lead her down the hillside. Obediently she followed, her curiosity getting the better of her. The sound of waves crashing along the beach came to her ears. Seagulls bobbed lazily on the breeze overhead. The hill sloped down to the sandy beach below, where a black horse stood waiting for the couple. Once the girl laid eyes on the creature she stopped and sucked in a great breath of air. The horse anxiously pawed into the light sand and snorted. The young man looked back at her. A grin spread across his face as he saw her expression of awe. He tugged at her hand as he began to run down the hillside. Laughing as she ran after him she almost tripped, a small scream escaping her lips. The horse shied and brought itself to face them with ears pricked up in surprise. The man looked back to make sure she was alright, and slowed down to a walk as they neared the magnificent creature. “Oh he’s so beautiful!” She spoke softly as she reached out to touch the horses’ coal black muzzle. The horse nipped at her fingers and snorted once more. The girl merely giggled and walked with a light step to the side of the horse, letting her fingertips drag along the soft black hair of the horses’ neck and shoulders. The horse was well taken care of. Its’ coat gleamed with a healthy intensity, every muscle shown with superb definition. The man walked behind the girl, and took her by the waist as he lifted her up. With a small noise of surprise she grabbed onto the horses wither and pulled herself up onto the horses’ back. She looked down at the man and playfully frowned. He grinned up at her and with an experienced leap he jumped onto the back of the horse, pulled the reigns around her and kicked the horses’ sides with his heels. The horse leapt off at a canter. The girl closed her eyes and relaxed as she grew accustomed to the see saw motion of the horses stride. The man watched her, kissed her neck a few times as they rode along the beach. The sun was beginning to set when they finally came to a stop. Sweat poured down the horses back and dripped from its nose. Yet the creature seemed amiable towards the pair as it ate peacefully on a nearby hillside. Light peaches and rosy colors filled the evening sky as stars began to show. The sun rested atop the water, leaving a trail of golden light down the middle of the clear blue ocean. Clouds hung on the borders of the dreamlike landscape, somewhat ominous in their drab grey coloring. Yet the couple had not a care in the world. They lay on the soft, warm sand. Entwined in each others’ arms, their hearts full of love and longing as they passionately made love.

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