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America is ******** stupid...I swear
Okay, so..I'm sitting there in a rally. I see a girl and her name is "asom em" or something similar to that. Dont quite remember...Anyways, I didn't know what the hell it meant or what is was supossed to be, so I walked up to her and said::: "Yo. What is your name supossed to be?" She says "oh" but then her presumed boyfriend says "dont tell him (I'm a girl so I was like..wtf..) hes going after your identity"
I pondered over that ridiculous idea for a moment. Then said: "Wow. America is full of ******** idiots. I just wanted to know what her name meant. Douch bags =P"
I have to admit though, I was pissy then due to some other idoit from earlier on in the day...*read previous journal entry*
Well.... hopefully I'm done being a b***h for today.. LOL<3
-The Amazing Noob Pwner Ninja-Poptart ~since '07

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Kara Inzuki
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jul 20, 2009 @ 08:36pm
um... how do you know he was an american...? neutral
Maybe... your presuming too much?
(P.S.: Not a hater. Not trying to sound mean. Just asking. ...please don't hate me... *shivers in fear*)

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