Ok.This is our first entry so I thought we would talk about something we should go have fun/protest fun with.First POOLS ARE BACK IN THE TOWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes,because of summer,pools have returned back to Gaia!I went to find out more on the scene.People were relaxing on the chairs,throwing water balloons,and swimming in the pools.It was fantastic.

People have been paying too much G for items that aren't worth that much.So what happened to people who need to buy presents for there 'sweethearts'?Well it's too bad for them because I think we all know what happens when you start dating or even 'marrying' someone you don't know. stare sweatdrop sweatdrop So buy a sign in the Market like the one I'm holding.Just type in 'sign'.Please give some credit to puppylover918 for giving me the scoop on how to get one.Ciao for now!