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HeavyBladeX: My hard work
I'll use this Journal as an update of me to...I don't know people who are bored as hell and have nothing better to do.
My story: Shell-Shock Chapter 1.
The year is 2025 and earth is turning out to be the place nobody wants to be anymore. In 2015 a docter named Willem Fox wanted to start a project that would change the way we fight...forever. This project was soon named Shell-Shock for its massive power of impact as it hit its target witch brought fear to anyone who seen its after math. The idea behind Shell-Shock was a missile that would explode over its target and spray the area over a 100 foot-ball field long perimater. What ever was in the way of this was wiped off the face of the earth. After the press got hold on this information they made it public and everyone had something to say about it.

Soon riots started to form outside military compounds and government buildings, and that's when things started to get out of hand. In Texas the military open fired on a crowd and killing 21 people. The public would not stand for this and soon attacked all military work stations weather they were big or small. The government orderd all U.S officers to kill anyone willing to get within 100 yards of any compound. Casualties on both sides were extreme, the people would just charge wave after wave while the military just kept pumping rounds into everyone they could.

The military were slowling losing thier bases.8 in California, 12 in Colorado, and many more. The president sent a messege to all high ranking officers around 10:00 a.m monday June 7th. Two weeks later the poeple of Ohio made a desperate charge of the gates of out post 144. As they ran for the gates they heard a loude noise fallowed by a blinding light soon the whole field in witch they stood on was gone.They had fired the missile, and this was known as the "144 Slaughter".

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