*-when I stares at your mouth-*
[ kiss me ]

*-When I push you or hit you like a dumb a**
cause I think I'm stronger than you-*
[ grab me and don't let go ]

*-When i start cursing at you trying to act all tuff-*
[ kiss me and tell me you love me ]

-*When i'm quiet-*
[ ask me what's wrong ]

-*When i ignore you-*
[ give me your attetion ]

-*When i pull away-*
[ Pull me back ]

-*When you see me at my worst-*
[ tell me i'm beautiful ]

-*When you see me start yo cry-*
[ just hold me and tell me you love me ]

-*When you see me walking-*
[ Sneak up and hug me from behind around waist ]

-*When i'm scared-*
[ protect me ]

-*When i steal your favorite hat-*
[ Let me keep it and sleep with it for a night ]

-*When i tease you-*
[ tease me back and make me laugh ]

-*When i don't answer for a long time-*
[ reassure me that everything is okay ]

-*When i look at you with doubt-*
[ back yourself up ]

-*When i say that i love you-*
[ i do more than you will ever know!! ]

-*When i grab at your hands-*
[ hold me and play with my fingers ]

-*When i bump into you-*
[ bump into me back and make me laugh ]

-*When i tell you a secret-*
[ Keep it safe and untold ]

-*When i look at you in eyes-*
[ just keep looking and smiling]

-*when i'm missing you-*
[ i'm hurting inside ]

-*when we're on the phone and i'm not talking-*
[stay on the phone with me till i fall asleep]

-*when i repost this-*
[i wants you to read it ]