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wahmbulance this is a true story of one of my life girl friend who i love really. if i could have done anything to get her back i who

I met her through friends at work. I had a semi-instant crush, but was 100 times more interested in another girl at the time, and so instead we slowly became friends. We even became e-friends on multiple popular social networking sites. Eventually she started working in the same office I was in and our "hanging out" became more and more common, to the point where I finally decided to ask her on a real date.

When I asked her, she smiled and said yes, and I knew we were both on the same track. However when I picked her up,things seemd a little off. She had taken longer than normal to come downstairs from her apartment to meet me, and as she came down, though she smiled and greeted me, she was on her phone typing.

As I opened her car door to let her in, she was on her phone typing. When we got to the restaurant for a surprise dinner at her favorite place, she was on her phone typing... throughout dinner, the movie, our walk on the beach and our stop at a bar for drinks after, she was on her phone typing. Finally, I just couldn't take it anymore. I told her I wasready to take her back to her apartment, and apologized as she was obviously not as into me as I had thought. She started to speak, and I told her it was okay, she didn't have to explain.

The ride back to her apartment was quiet, other than the clicking of the keyboard on her phone. Although it was nowhere near as continuous and annoying as the rest of the night. I let her out, and she said goodbye with a tear in her eye.


When I got home myself that night, I crashed hard. It wasn't until the next morning when I woke up that I had discovered my mistake. As I logged in online to check out my sites, I found interesting comments from friends calling me an idiot and some other nastier things. It took a little bit of searching, but someone finally pointed me towards my date's twitter account... she had blogged the entire night... here are some excerpts:

"He's here to pick me up, I can't believe this nights finally come"

"He opened the door for me, such a gentleman"

"Woooow, he actually remembered my favorite restaurant!!"

"I feel so lucky to be out with such a great guy"

"Aaaargh! OMG that part was so scary, but he's holding me close so I feel safe"

"We're walking on the beach! We're walking on the beach! sooooo romantic"

"heehee he's taking me out for drinks, I think he wants to take me home. I'd sooo go"

"I don't know what happened, he's all upset now"

"I think he hates me sad "

I attempted to call her up immediately, to no avail. Her phone went straight to voicemail each time. The next day at work, I got the news that she had requested an emergency transfer back home. I got home that night to find myself removed from all of her friends lists and haven't spoken to her since.

Darned them interwebs!!

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