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Art Gifts, Sebast-chans Animations. :3

Alice: iPhantomhive Ciel


Cheshire Cat: -Grellzy Bear-


Mad Hatter: iPrince Soma

Queen of Hearts: iAngelic Angela

White Rabbit -Michaelis Sebastian-



Five, Seven and Two:

Knave of Hearts:

Flamingos and hedgehogs:

Through the Looking Glass:

Snowdrop:l Ciel Phantomhive l

White King:

White Queen:








Humpty Dumpty:

Red Knight:

White Knight:


Dodo (Chapter 2, 3); another creature that fell into the pool. He suggests to do a Caucusrace to get dry. He is said to be modeled after Dodgson (Carroll) himself (see the Story Origins section).

Cook (Chapter 6, 11); she makes soup with too much pepper and throws things at the Duchess, the baby and Alice. Later she is a witness in the trial.

Five, Seven and Two (Chapter cool ; they are playing cards and the Queen’s gardeners. They’re painting roses red because they planted white ones by mistake.

Knave of Hearts (Chapter 8, 11, 12); he carries the crown and is later accused of stealing tarts.

King of Hearts
(Chapter 8, 9, 11, 12); The Queen of Hearts’ incompetent husband. She completely dominates him. The King doesn’t have much notion of how a trial works, but is rather stubborn.

Flamingos and hedgehogs (Chapter 8, 9); they are used as mallets and balls during the game of croquet.

Through the Looking Glass
Snowdrop (Chapter 1, 12); she is the white kitten who is being washed by Dinah.

White King (Chapter 1, 7); the Lion and the Unicorn are fighting for his crown. He promised Humpty Dumpty that he should send all his horses and men if he fell of the wall (which he eventually does).

White Queen (Chapter 1, 5, 7, 9) / Sheep (Chapter 5); she is very chaotic. During the story she suddenly changes into a sheep.
About her, Carroll wrote: "Lastly, the White Queen seemed, to my dreaming fancy, gentle, stupid, fat and pale; helpless as an infant; and with a slow, maundering, bewildered air about her just suggesting imbecility, but never quite passing into it; that would be, I think, fatal to any comic effect she might otherwise produce. There is a character strangely like her in Wilkie Collins’ novel No Name: by two different converging paths we have somehow reached the same ideal, and Mrs. Wragg and the White Queen might have been twin-sisters."

Lily (Chapter 1); she is a white pawn and the White King and Queen’s daughter. Alice takes her place in the chess game as she is too young to play.

Rose (Chapter 2); another flower in the garden

Rocking-horse-fly (Chapter 3); a Looking-Glass insect.

Snap-dragon-fly (Chapter 3); a Looking-Glass insect.

Bread-and-Butterfly (Chapter 3); a Looking-Glass insect.

Tweedledum (Chapter 3, 4); fat twin brother of Tweedledee, dressed as a schoolboy. With his brother he shows Alice the sleeping Red King and tells her about the Walrus and the Carpenter. The brothers are rather affectionate with one another, but don't hesitate to fight over insignificant matters. They are also cowardly.

Tweedledee (Chapter 3, 4); fat twin brother of Tweedledum, dressed as a schoolboy. He broke his brother’s rattle and they decide to fight over it.

Humpty Dumpty (Chapter 6); an egg who sits on a very narrow wall. He is very proud, rude, easily-offended and claims to be the master of words. In the end he (presumably) falls off the wall.

Red Knight (Chapter cool ; he tries to take Alice prisoner.

White Knight (Chapter cool ; he rescues Alice from the Red Knight. He cannot ride his horse properly, likes inventing things and is a little melancholic. We are told that he has shaggy hair, mild blue eyes, a kind and gentle face and fond is of inventions. This is also a description of Lewis Carroll, so he may have modeled the White Knight after himself. The Knight is also the only one who is truly nice to Alice and later she remembers him best.

-Grellzy Bear-
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    Drocell the Puppetman
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    commentCommented on: Thu Jul 30, 2009 @ 12:17am
    i am teh doormouse zZzZzZz...

    commentCommented on: Thu Jul 30, 2009 @ 12:28am
    why isnt snowdrop up there D=

    l Sebastian Michaelis I
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    -Grellzy Bear-
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    commentCommented on: Thu Jul 30, 2009 @ 12:33am
    Whoa sorry! Idk what happened to it! Lemme get it back

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