[8D; This is sort of old. I pulled it off of Microsoft Word and it's dated for last year~<3]

„Your Highness! Please! I-„
„Silence! I don’t want to hear your petty excuses anymore!“
“B-but, your Highness! It won’t happen again!”
“Of course it won’t.”
The pallid boy’s expression changed very quickly. One moment, he had been quite furious. The next, his cold blue eyes were surprisingly calm. His pale lips were even tugged upwards into a small smile. Was the Prince of Black Hearts, as they called him, actually showing compassion? Human emotion? Ha! The Hell, he was.
“It won’t happen again because I want your head to roll.”
As he sat atop his lavishly decorated throne, he simply waved a hand dismissingly. Two other Card-like guards carried the sobbing six of hearts away, who was still pleading for mercy.

To no avail. The Prince was as cruel as he was fashionable. Much unlike his late mother, the Queen of Hearts, he preferred a very gaudy, almost morbid clothing style. His face was comparable to that of a precious doll, his complexion even paler than a sheet of the finest white paper. His cheeks were perpetually tinted with a pink hue just below his blue eyes. Dardanos’ (He preferred to be referred to as ‘Prince’ or ‘Your Highness/Majesty) hair was cropped short, reaching to about his chin and bearing an inky black colour. He had a very lithe figure that was gripped tightly by a clean white dress shirt and black vest that was pulled firmly together at the waist with a taut ribbon. A matching silk ascot was secured around his slender neck. Atop his head was a small top-hat, on which a rose had been fixed in place by a few tiny safety pins.

His hand moved upwards to his rear, letting his slender fingertips caress over his gleaming stud earrings. Dardanos was very effeminate, despite being a very sadistic and harsh ruler. He was brought to the throne at a very young age and left to deal with the huge crisis that just so happened to by Wonderland. After the once plentiful and beautiful world turned sour and tainted, The Queen of Hearts finally died. Many say it was because her heart, itself, was broken from seeing her beloved kingdom wither and die. Others say it was that little Prince’s doing. He never did fancy the woman, although their terms of ruling were quite similar.

They were both extremely harsh with their servants; Almost as if they resigned to tyranny. Whatever the case, it was too late to ask questions. The woman was dead and her demon of a child was ruling. Hearing a sort of ‘Thump’, he slid from his throne and was followed by several guards. Let them check the scene out first? Safety? Ha! No one would dare to come and challenge or assassinate him. So there was no point in that.

“Halt! Who are you?” He demanded, pointing a gloved finger at Alister accusingly. “And what do you think you’re doing in my Palace? Do you have an invitation?” His eyes narrowed as he studied the intruder. This certainly didn’t look like a mercenary or something. Why, this little fruit didn’t even look like he could assassinate –anything- at all.