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life is one big middle finger after another
my journal is about the s**t that happens to me it is a place to vent about why life sucks. i think everyone needs a place to vent.
i need to write in here more well here will be a long entry about what has been going on in my life. OKay so basically this summer ive had 2 friends sarah and sasha. The reason for this is that all my friends shuned because of some things i said. Eventualy my long time friend sam messaged me on facebook that she was hoping to be friends again because they were all mad at me. I asked what i did to make them so mad and she told me to call my friend michelle.

I called michelle and aparently i had called her a b***h, slut and things like that behind her back(wich is not true i might add).i told her they were lies and stuff and she said it didnt matter she was over that stuff already.she talked about her summer and i talked about mine

So now things are all fine and dandy,well sorta things are still a little akward between me and michelle but other than that things are fine. Me and sam are making plans for camp because were going to the same one and im going to my friend beccas pool next wednesday with sam and michelle.

i am still a little mad that they shuned me without even hearing my side of the story.i promised to be a little more considerit and they promised not to jump to conclusions and trust that im a nice person.well anyway all is said and that is over.

i called sasha and we may be doing something tomorrow i dont know but its good to have friends again oh and i have more friends than just sam and michelle. Igot lots of friends sorry i realized that it sounds lke i only got 5. sorry its so long and may have many typos.XD
have a good august biggrin [/colour]

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