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Keep reading there is never any guarentee about what i will write about.
so this is my con report for conneticon.
if i had to describe the con in word this would be it------> xd
now a little more detail. I actually stayed at the marriot so i was there more or less every second the con was open all three days.
I got to the con at about 10:30 and for a little while I just kinda let my self wander surround by people who are every bit as odd as I am myself. for an hour i just savoured feeling completely and utterly at ease with the people around me. thats the best part about conneticon for me because I feel that way so little. I mean I love my family but my brothers scum and my parents don't share my interests so I'm not completely at ease their and at school I am definetely seen as ........ eccentric and that leaves me feeling a little defensive. so for a while I just reveled in that. But as anyone who knows me would guess I started to drift toward the video game room. please no comments on that. anyway once there I ended up getting into a rockband tourney. Now this tourney turned out to be amazing for 2 reasons. A: my band mates were awesome and fun to play with. B: We had one of the best staff members there running the tourney for us. i am terrible with names but I am pretty sure his name is Darren. Darren was fun and he created a scoring system that allows for comparison of bands playing different instruments and playing on different difficulties. so that was awesome and ate up most of the first day. I went to bed that night very tired and rather sore but content.
Day2: Well my team in the rockband tourney actually one by one point so we were now in the actual tournament that was taking place with actual representatives from harmonix. it was a big deal. but I had half a day before that was going on so i headed to the game room. I love the universe of warhammer 40k so I decided that I would like to learn how to play and went to find a game to watch. I was really lucky and instead of watching a game a staff member actually took the time to teach me how to play so that was awesome. well I continued to kill time with that until about 4 pm when the band gathered to shred some music at the finals for the rockband tourney. it was awesome and one group rocked so hard that they melted the face off the system tv and projector and actually MADE THEM TURN OFF. that was just about everything that happened on saturday.
Day3: this day was good because i suceeded in curropting the youth of my church. ( thats abcfruitcake) it was kind of cool that i actually got someone from my church interested enough to come to the con. the only downside was that I was kind of her guide so i didn't get to spend much time with my other friend who came (-ladyxphantom_ sad . all in all though the con was fun and I am looking foward to the next one.

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