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The Princess Diary
My thoughts and my feelings in pomes, songs(that are reall), and much more !!
My life
My life suck i hate it soo much i wanna cry but i wanna die i hat e how im like these and noone cares i hate dat he jus movied on twith out a care i hate the one his beside her slutness fells the air i hate how i cant cry but i really want to and i hate how my life is truing blalk right in fornt of me and i hate how these r my feelings sdo derk and grey i hate how its my fult dat my house is quit and i jus want to bleed and i hate how i cant get my self to do it anymore then i need..............

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Community Member

Sun Aug 09, 2009 @ 08:21pm

Please... stop doing this hun... fist off, I havnt moved on... Im not goin out with her. Its gonna take a while b4 I can move on from sum1 as special as you...

Jak of Trades
Community Member

Mon Aug 10, 2009 @ 12:50am

hey stop right now i know how u feel but it never leads to any thing good when ur wallowing in something that is NOT UR FAULT.
it solves nothing and it just makes u feel worse. let the past be the past. if u dont u will get left behind. and u wont be able to come back.
i know im 17 its happened to me before. AND UR WRONG I CARE SO STOP WALLOWING I FIND OUT U KILL UR SELF IM COING AFTER U IN HELL and getting u back out so stop its not ur fault and u know it. if it works dont talk to him block him till u get better. k send me a pm. i care 4 u lil sis.



and thats a road i dont want u to go down. so smile and embrace life. wink whee smile

User Comments: [2]
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