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Usagi-chan's Mind~ Random thoughts preside here.

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dumb fight
Last night I had a fight with someone on this one chat I go on (http://xat.com/waskstar_place).

K so this story I'm about to tell is i'm not sure is true or not. But this is what i believe cuz I trust Tom a lot smile .

Well so when I first got on my CP boyfriend, Thomas 2, pced me saying he was gonna quit chat. And i was like WTF and then he told me that before i came on he was talking to this girl named Courtney on chat (Cort, for short) and he told her that he used to like her and now she thought that he still liked her! He then thought that now everyone hated him (besides Sammi and Chi) on chat (which is NOT true tom) so he was gonna quit. Then i got all mad mad at Cort and started cussing at her and stuff and then sammi and chi started helping and we were fighting for a while, just making comebacks at each other and stuff.

Tom was on MY chat and we were talking there and he told me to stop the fight cuz we were just putting stress on him. So i was still mad at Cort and stuff but then I tried stopping the fight but it still kinda kept going for a while. Finally, it sorta slowed down and I was trying to tell Cort to stop but she said that she won't until i forgave her. And I was really pissed ._.

Finally Wask came on (the owner of the chat) and Sammi, Chi, and I told him about the fight. He then started talking to us and Cort and finally Cort and I forgave each other sweatdrop . I still got my eyes on you, Cort eek .

Ya so the fight was pretty pointless and the story that I just told about was what I believed. And i do admit I started the fight redface . But I was really pissed k?


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