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Jessica's blog
My Life so far...
"Learn your Pumpkins, John!"
Elloz! *waves* Well! i feel a Lil' like typing in mah Blog today! ^^ Luck you! hahaha.
Let's get this Underway!

#1: Day off: Every Sunday, we have a Day off from Band camp! So, Last Sunday, i had a Wonderful Time With my Friends! ^^ Starting with Sleeping over at Mandi's! We stayed up Late..( like 2?!?! ) And, We went to Brahms! ( i got ice cream..DUHHH!) haha, then On Sunday i went Back home, took a Quick Shower and then, Sat in front of the TV, And Got on here, to talk to more friends. And then, my friend Nick, Said he would Take me to the Park, And Max was coming! :3 Sho, i wanted them to see what mah house looked like, sooo i ran around and Cleaned up a Little bit, And when i saw their Car pull up, i flipped out, Ran from our Kitchen, to my Room's Door and ran SMACK into it. i tried to OPEN the Door..i fail....
then, we walked to a Park that was Nearby. And Had tons of fun-er-riffic Fun there. w/ Shawn.....<_< hahaha. And then, We talked for like EVER about Underwear. But i started it, i take full credit. hahaha. Then, Nick's Mom Picked us up, and we went to Quick trip, and got slushies. >:3 i luv those things....hehehe..then we went to Nicks House. Hung out there for awhile. And Went to the MOVIES!..O_O WE SAW PONYO!!!!..ahh~ i was melting. it was SHO cute!!! i just wanted to Huggles her! >w< Then, they took me Home. But it was still fun. i Missed Mandi though. She couldn't come..;~;

#2: numbuh' 1 was really long huh? hahaha..ow My Hands...
#3: We have Shortened band Camp Practice today! ^^ Only two hours for each block!!! Im Pumped!
#4: i made Mandi a Shirt For band! >:3 ISH SHO...COOL!!!...
#5: Does this Text Make my Journal Entry look fat?
#6: i added the Ponyo theme onto my Playlist! squeee~ its just TOOO cute!
#7: im like, Starving...i ate two Waffles Before Camp this morning..x_x
This has Been *Drum Roll* ~Jessica's Blog~
John: Damn i keep getting these Points wrong, on the Field!
Me: GOSH JOHN!!!...learn your Pumpkins, John...
( Said W/o knowing i said that...oh wow

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    F W E E x C H I
    Community Member

    Wed Aug 19, 2009 @ 10:33pm

    xDDD OMG!!
    Learn your pumpkins? Thats about as bad as you running into the bench walking back to the 50 yard line today xD

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