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Striving towards the dawn...
Class of the decade :D!!!! We rox n salute to all!!!
Kingdom Hearts: Transcendent Time of Love
Kingdom Hearts: Transcendent Time of Love

Chapter 2: Disruption in the calming tides…

“Miss? Do you know Gene…”

“What sort of business do you need to converse with him about?” I don’t know how the heck this lady knows him, but one thing for sure is that I’m going to know by the time she leaves.

“Oh? So you do… Then maybe you can tell me were he is?”

“Not till you tell me what you need to speak withy Mr. Rhapsodos about.”

“That’s only for me to know Miss…”

“Names Xiara and I think it DOES concern me if it has to deal with him.” ‘Who in the good magic does this woman think she is?’

“Hmm? Mind telling me your relationship with Mr. Genesis?”

“For me to know and you NOT to find out.”

“Then I guess we’ll get no were if neither of us can come to a solution.”

“Oh we’ll get some were… If you stop being stubborn and tell me what you need to talk about with my…” I stopped right there not wanting to reveal the relationship to her.

“With who? Not like you and Genesis are dating. Anyway, this has been a waste of my time so if you would excuse me I need to take a look around…”

Stepping around me, I stepped in front of her and held her back. “Look, he’s not here and I don’t appreciate that you come into my restaurant and demand to see him.”

“Well it’s important and it’s a must that I see him.”

“Then tell me and I’ll let him know…”

“Look, I was trying to be nice but now I’m going to be blunt, get the hell out of my way…”

“Think you need to watch who you’re talking too. I’m not one to mess around with, keep pushing your luck…” By now the customers had noticed the little argument turned big and everyone else was standing by just incase. She had a look in her eye but I was determined NOT to let this…

“Listen you…”

I narrowed my eyes and her and listened closely as she spoke in a whisper.

“You’re hiding something Xiara and I want to know what it is… Is it a secret relation of some sort’s because you seem to be very protective of Genesis.”

“Like I said, anything between me and him is OUR business.”

“Oh! So it is true, don’t see why he fall for someone like you though…”

That did it… Balling my fist I punched the girl straight in the jaw sending her back a few feet.


I didn’t know who called me nor did I care, the girl crossed the line and that did it.

“Why you little…!”

“Then do something about it!” Ducking a punch she threw at me I got kneed in the gut instead causing me to double over in shock.


I didn’t let her finish as I tackled her outside the doors and to the ground were blows were exchanged.

“Someone get her off!”

“Move it!”

“Get out of the way!”

A massive crowd was forming around us as we rolled around pulling, kicking, and punching each other.




Kicking her in the stomach gave me a moment to pry her hands from my hair and nail her in the jaw again.


Not giving her a chance to recover I dove at her knocking us down again. I just remember swinging and taking hits before I was pulled off of Andrea. Kicking her in the jaw one good last time I was whisked away into the restaurant leaving the others to take care of the wild mess.


Feeling the arms around my waist tightened I struggled more to get free.

“Ara… Relax, I’m here.”

Turning around I saw Genesis looking down on me and frowned.

“What’s going on he…?”

“Let me go…”


“I said let me go… Don’t touch me…”


I tuned him out as I stared back at the door. The customers were being filed back in and taking their seats. Being dragged into the kitchen I saw Rayna and Saleh sitting on the stools trying to recover from the chaos. Bethany, Anriko, and Aya were still dispersing the rest of the crowd and Luzuma was upstairs with the twins calming them down. Rayne rushed in after seeing me and Genesis move to the kitchen.

“Xiara, are you listening to…”

“What did I just say? Let me go Genesis.”


“That woman seems to know you so I would like to know the relationship you have with her… NOW.” He was at a loss for words at what to say. Breaking free of his grip I waited for an answer. “Well?”

“Xiara, I don’t know that girl from a fly off the wall.”

“Well she sure seemed to know you.”

“I don’t know why…”

“Keeping secrets now are we?”

“Xiara, you’re getting a little touchy on this.”

“Touchy? That woman not only tried to walk around in my restaurant but did you see what…?”

“Yes I did and that’s why I’m asking you what happened?”

“Um, it should make sense that if you see two females on the ground screaming, punching, and carrying on that it’s a fight, common sense.” Genesis jaw tightened and I knew this was going to wind up into another useless argument.

“Listen you two, stop this right now! There’s no point in pressing each other for information when there’s still hostility in the air because that’s only going to make it worse.”

Rayne stepped between us as we stood off in a glare match. Stepping back I crossed my arms across my chest and walked towards the front of the kitchen. I tried to calm down but it was hard to, ever been attacked then pressed by the man you love? Not a good feeling…

“There… Now you two…”

“I just wanted to know…”

“Genesis…” Rayne said in a warning tone meaning that sooner or later I was bound to strike in retaliation.

“I’m not keeping anything from her so why should I be accused?”


“Why do I have to take the fault?”

“Cause you cant explain how that freak of a woman knows you!” Storming back over to him I balled my hands in anger. Both of our eyes held loose rage at each other.

“And I already said I don’t know her!”

“How don’t I know that your lying?!”

“What the hell Xiara?! Why are you being so testy about this?!”

“Cause that HARIPE outside some how knows the man I love.” I hissed the last part out already upset by how he’s acting.

“If you really loved me you wouldn’t accuse me of such things then Xi…”

The last thing that was heard was a resounding sound of a smack. Tears wield up in my eyes as I ran out of the kitchen, out of the restaurant and out of Radiant Gardens.

(Rayne’s P.O.V)

I stared in shock of what just happened. ‘How could he say something like that?’ Genesis also seemed to be standing in shock at what just flew out of his mouth. Looking between the door and him I decided to set things straight. Reaching out to him he moved away and instead left threw his own portal to where ever the hell he went.

“So who wants to be the one to go after whom?”

I stood in silence till I felt a hand on my shoulder. Looking back I saw my twin Luzuma holding Taji while giving me a look of sympathy.

“You can’t always help them resolve stuff sis. Problems like this are best left alone to be resolved between the two of them.”

Nodding I took a seat next to Bethany near the stairs. She looked at me and I knew that meant she want answers. “If you’re asking I’m not telling.”


“Not my place to reveal the information right now.”

“… The girl is still here…”

“… Bring her in the kitchen…” Getting up I saw her disappear outside with Anriko for a minute before reappearing with the intruder tied up. I gotta admit, Xiara got her REAL good.

“In the kitchen?”

“Yes please.” Turning my back I waited for the others before we entered with the others.

“Where are Sora and the others?”

“The no-bodies went some were and Sora took his crew to meet with Leon.”

“Ok Zuma… Now, to matters at hand…” Pulling up a chair I sat down and crossed my legs like a lady should even though I wanted to pile drive her into the dirt right now.

“So is this retaliation? I’m not…”

“Listen, it’s going to be “A” and “B” response kay? I’m “A” and you’re “B”... I talk and you respond, got it?” She opened her mouth to retaliate but the look I gave off shut her up real quick. “First question, who are you?”

“My name is Andrea and I’m a fortune teller of sorts…”

“Good, next question… Why did you come here in the first place?”

“……… That information is only for Mr. Rhapsodos to hear… Anyone else is forbidden…”

My eyes narrowed even more, she must not know that I don’t play around. “Well unless you tell me you wont get to talk to anyone got it?” Her lips tightened before looking around at the others.

“I’ll talk… But on one condition…”

“Name it…”

“The others leave while we speak?”


I held up a hand to Rayna and silenced her. Hearing her voice die down to a breath I spoke. “Fine but they WILL be right outside of the door so no funny business.”

“There will be none I assure you.”

Nodding I made another hand sign signaling them to leave. Reluctantly they moved out of the area so we could talk in peace. It was a few more minutes before she spoke.

“The eclipse of darkness…”


“Eclipse of darkness… The eclipse of darkness will happen soon…”

“Explain…” Sitting up I was curious of what she was talking about. ‘Sounds like a book title…’

“There are 7 beings who posses the purest of hearts if I’m correct?”

“Yes, the princesses of heart…”

“Now what if there was say a higher being then those of the pure hearts?”


“Shall we say a queen?”

“A queen?”

“Yes… A queen, one of the purest of heart yet wields darkness like no other.”

“Interesting, I’m intrigued by your story, go on.” Leaning back in my chair I situated myself so that my elbow rested on my other arm and my face was cupped by my free hand.

“Xenmas who was the leader of Organization XIII had no clue into the power he was dabbling with, claiming he was the “Ultimate Ruler”. Last time I heard that I fell out laughing at the poor sucker. In any case… Lost to the ancient ways of time their was a being who ruled over Kingdom Hearts itself. A generous queen who was loved by her people and land.”

‘Ok…’ Giving her a look she took a deep breath and closed her eyes before fainting. Reaching out to her I jumped back suddenly when her eyes snapped open.

“The year was the summer of faith and the queen was known to bear child soon. Point though is that the father is a residence of darkness which would put her at a social standing with her court. True love she says cannot be determined by race or kind but the senate back then would not hear that mess. It was for good to though… Cause…”


“The senate knew that the day of fate would come soon… It was when the queen was to give birth to her children that he came. At the time, the attendants were scattered around trying to find a priest and the right equipment for the birthing process. She looked at him with an amount of love that no one could fathom, but the look in his eyes… It was dark and dangerous… The same way the queen remembered when she first met him. It confused her but then she knew why when he drew his sword out of his sheath.”

My eyes widened at the tale that was unfolding before me.

“One swift stroke was all that it took to end the young queen’s life and not yet was she even close to her mid- twenties…”

“Just still a baby herself… And the child?” She shook her head no and I looked down sadly.

“Unfortunately, when the queen died… So did the children…”

“Wait, you said children right?”

“Yes, you did not hear the plural? She was to have twins. One of each gender of course.”

“Hmm… Very interesting tale but why did you come to speak to Genesis about this?” She sighed as if she was to tell me about a bad omen which was probably the case.

“I came to tell him that he is the reincarnation of that very same lover of the queen.”

“And the reincarnation of the queen is?” I saw her scowl and I knew instantly who it was. “Its Xiara isn’t it?”

“Yes, and like they say… History repeats its self, so that means…”


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