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♫Name::Vivaldia Colette Harloway

♫Nicknames: Vivi, Colli


♫Gender: She's a lady>.>

♫Appearance: Long blonde hair that flows in a straight line to her waist. She has liquid silver eyes and pointed ears

♫Height: 5'5"

♫Weight: 115lbs

♫More photos::[♥][♥][♥][♥][♥][♥][♥][♥][♥]

♫Race:Vivaldia is the last of her kind, aside from her brother. She is an endangered species called Divinus Sator (divine creator) A species that once ruled supreme in ancient times. Because of their ability to heal and create beings from ink and paper, they were once associated as Gods(a race that I created!)

♫Sexual Preference: Straight

♫Personality:Vivaldia is very compassionate, due to her healing, most likely. She doesn't like pain, for herself or anyone else; therefore Vivi will do absolutely anything to appease her master and avoid bloodshed for either parties. She loves children and is extremely patient. Vivaldia is typically kind-hearted and loving, not to mention EXTREMELY intelligent; She has an IQ of 210 (60 points above genius level). But sometimes when Vivi doesn't get her way, she can get very cranky and become rather manipulative to get what she wants. Failure isn't an option, and she secretly doesn't like to talk to extremely unattractive or old people because they creep her out. Vivaldia is fiercely loyal, and when she has her mind set on something she won't let anyone talk her out of her view. Vivi is usually a very open-minded person, but when it comes to matters of close family and friends she will become very close-minded and will hear no slander about them despite what may be truth. She can be manipulated, though, if one can properly get inside her mind. Despite having so many apparent morals and kindness, Vivaldia is terrified of angels and is more likely to believe in a demon rather than a guardian of pure plight. Vivi often tends to believe the pretty little lies that men whisper in her ear, despite her common sense's better judgment.

♫Likes::Children, Laughter, peace, soft/furry things, pastel colors, sweet foods, sketching, reading, writing, memorizing the dictionary, music, her cat Pepper

♫Dislikes::[Pain, blood, violence, Stupidity, Arrogance, old people, most spicy and sour foods, impatience, fire, tight spaces, being alone

♫Past::Vivi was raised to be prim and proper. She grew up with a rich family. She had two loving parents and one elder brother named Alexander. When she was younger, she graduated from a four-year college plan at the age of fourteen. She excelled in her classes and had a knack for learning any skill or talent twenty times faster than others. Despite her beauty and intelligence, she wasn't really vain or arrogant. Everyone loved Vivaldia. Constantly her parents cooed over her. Her elder brother Alexander grew up living in his little sister's shadow.

Eventually Vivi's brother got into some trouble and became addicted to drugs. After he spent all of his own money on failed bets, he started stealing money from his wealthy parents. When Vivi's parents found out they kicked him out of the house and cut him off completely of any funds. Addicted and needing his next fix, Vivi's brother resorted to stealing the drugs from a gang. But when they gang found out they had been stolen from, they came after Alexander, intent to kill. In a panicked frenzy and running from the powerful slave owners, Alexander ran into his parents home seeking sanctuary. It was Vivi's 14th birthday at the time and her parents had just given her a tiny wooden music box. The gang followed Alexander to his parent's house. They murdered Vivi and Alexander's parents. When one of them pointed a gun at Alexander, Vivaldia jumped in the way. She was shot in the heart. She had still been carrying her music box at the time and that's how it became splattered with her own blood.

Vivi took the blow for her brother because she idolized and looked up to him. Vivaldia adored her brother and would have rather died than see him in harm's way. But Alexander, his motives not so noble, made a deal with the gang. He would give them his sister in exchange for his own life. They take her and she goes free. He assured that she was more valuable than him, because she possess qualities of their lost race that he did not, and that she would heal from her wounds. The gang agreed and soon after sold her to a slave shop for a very large profit. At the time of this deal, Vivi was lying delirious and bloody on the floor, very near death. She sacrificed herself for a brother that would just as easily trade her in to save himself.

The next thing she knew she woke up in a slave shop and has been bouncing from master to master ever since. Vivi still to this day believes that her brother fought to protect her. If she found out the truth of his betrayal she would probably snap and lose all hope of anything good ever existing in the world; falling into a deep depression and anger spree, hurting anything and everything in her path. ]•

♫Extra info::Vivaldia pretends that she is perfect and happy, but she isn't always a bucketful of sunshine and bliss. Due to her intelligence she knows far more about the world than any living person should. Vivi knows that if she doesn't stay optimistic, she'll go crazy from sheer knowledge. She is actually a very powerful fighter but is a pacifist. Vivi can bring the dead back to life, and she can communicate with ghosts. They often hurt her in her sleep. She will wake up with random cuts and bruises on her body. Vivi spends a lot of her time sketching and writing. No one knows that everything she draws she has the ability to bring to life
Powers::Healing, unnatural intelligence, and the ability to bring the things she draws to life
More stuff to know::Vivi always carries a shoulder bag with a music box stained with her own blood, a pair of headphones with the wire frayed, various photos, a pair of carnival tickets from twenty years ago, a bible with the inside cut out where she keeps all her money, and ink bottle and fountain pen -->[♥], a dictionary that she has memorized, and an old leather diary, and a polaroid camera.

♫Vivi often takes photos of people or places that have had an impact in her life, whether positive or negative. She has a lot of photos of her old masters or places they lived. If she doesn't like that person or place she will draw an x at the top right corner of the photo. If she absolutely hates the person in the photo, she will defile it in some way (like drawing a mustache and devil horns). She has a cat named Pepper. It doesn't look or act like normal cats because she created it. Pepper was the first creation that Vivi ever brought to life. Vivaldia would be distraught if anything happened to it. She loves that cat and won't go anywhere without it.

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