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if you cant handle it..... OH WELL.
I'm so tired of it!
Sup guys~

So life hasn't been the best lately. My social life is ↓. My school life is stressful/tiring and my family life has been a bit on edge lately cuz every thing in the house is breaking. Stupid Economy. Reason for my social life? Have you ever been really good friends with someone, then not seen them for about a year, then see them and have everything be abnormally awkward. Yah that's happening with about two people. Plus there is another person (names will not be mentioned) Who i feel is following me like a puppy. I'm sick and tired of them clinging to me and i want it to stop. She left my old school and started going to my new school with me. Now i'm not a hater but i can't help but think that she changed schools because of me and i have my reasons. For one: Just a few months before i told her i was leaving she told me she wanted to be a Disney animator and she even had a whole plan for getting there. Two: She didn't even think about applying at this new school until i told her i was going. (i should have waited til the year started.) One of my friend social life was almost ruined because of this person and i can see that begin to happen to me. She already hates all of my friends! I'm tired of her stalking me and I'm tired of her criticizing everything i do and I'm tired of her not getting along with anyone. I'm just tired of it!

This new school me and my stalker are going to is supposed to be a magnet school. I will admit that for the first time in my life i feel challenged and that's good. But i don't think i should feel this tired.

My house is sixteen years old, and now everything in the house is beginning to break. As if we weren't tight on money enough as it is (cus my mom just got fired from her old job and is now working for less money) we have to pay to replace everything with money we don't really have. So now everyone is on edge and more and more fights are popping up...Fabulous.

All and all nothing is really going great with me except for mai friendship with Heather~ No homo heather but I luvs you right now!

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    awwww poor girl*pats head*.....this chick is worse than i was wen i was a follower....and i think i was annoying......well maybe it is cuz i had no other friends than u soooo i hated being lonely i began thinking i was retarted and every1 hated me i gotz lotz of friends now 4laugh ............sort of....ok fine i have 5-7 he he sweatdrop ........... idea maybe she follows u cuz she has no other friends and shes lonely y not help he find more friends mrgreen

    comment sasunaruluvr10 · Community Member · Tue Sep 08, 2009 @ 11:58pm
    Mabeh. But she doesn't half to criticize everything i do! She told meh she didn' like mai Mickey mouse today,.....Ok dats a big deal...T'was mai mickeh! lol but she does have the ablility to have friends. i introduce her to all of my other friends and she never likes them, I think she should be a little more open minded

    comment _Pajamas_On_Wednesday_ · Community Member · Wed Sep 09, 2009 @ 02:00am
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