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My journal telling you stuff.
Good evening journal whom I have not typed in for quite some time. Very formal...kind of creepy. Alright then, back to typing my usual way of typing~ if I have a usual way of typing. Hm, so what should I talk about? I wanna say something but I'm not sure what. I'm not gonna leave until I say something important; I guess I'll be here for a while then. lol Tomorrow's our second soccer practice? ;3 I like soccer, but we're playing football in gym class... :T If it's flag football, fine. An actual game of football...I pray for the person who has me on their team then. rofl I suck at football, I can throw but I simply cannot catch. It kind of...idk...hits my hand and then, yeah. lol I wanna play hockey, actually. I haven't played that since the 6th grade, we didn't have a chance to play it in the 7th. :[ Have never played basketball at school, in fact, I don't think any of the classes have. Yet we have some basketball tournement every year; 8th graders against the teachers, so I guess I'll go with a few friends and watch the game since this time it'll be the people I know playing. I can't really choose on which team I think will win, but I'm assuming it might end up a tie. There we go, it's a win/win for everyone, everybody's happy riight? ;D Oh shiiit, our new gym teacher, oh what's his face, Mr.Francisicus? Anyway, he's some dude from the army, didn't see that coming haha. o: So we got some intense warm-ups. Nah, they're really not all that bad, but they're more than what we're used to. I suppose that's expected since we are a grade higher so I guess they expect us to do more. Can't wait until we actually start cooking in Home Ec. x3 It'll be a lotta fun, I can assure you that. That is, if you don't burn/cut/hurt yourself in any way possible. And there are a ton of ways to hurt yourself in a kitchen filled with pots and pans, and knifes, and cookie cutters, yes cookie cutters, and whatever other knit-knats they have. Ohh, maybe a rolling pin? Hehe, if we ever have an actual lock down because someone has broken into the school building, the home ec. class shall be prepared! lmao k, I guess I'm done talking for now. I hope I wrote enough for whoever is reading this. I bet I bored you to death with my school related topic, huh? lol Maybe I'll make another entry soon that's not about school; surely that shant be too hard. ...Yeahh, the old english language isn't working out very well for me; I think I did it wrong. rofl Did you see that? Shant? Who says shant anymore? lol

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