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My non-interesting life

Hello and welcome to my journal here i will write about my day to day events though most may not be interesting that's just life.... any way i will start off with basic stuff

my name i go by is Kat
i am 14
9th grader

i like reading writing and hanging with friends. i have many friends and right now one of them i have a crush on ( IT IS A BOY!) i'll get to that later.

well lets start off with today...
period 1/2- i have spanish with a teacher that looks like George Lopez ( SERIOUSLY!) we did a bunch of stuff that was boring so im not going into it. and i have it with my friend Jarod, and Ashley

period 3/4- i have globel history and my teacher is awsome though a lot of drama with my ex.. Here's the story...
My ex Mike was being a douche and called my friend (btw his now ex) a b***h. This is how the conversation went ( don't read if you do not like swearing)

Mike-- Dude tess is such a b***h
Me-- Hey don't call her that shes my friend!
Mike-- Ya well she lied and she's a b***h
Me-- how the hell is she a b***h ( if you know tess then shes awsome!)
Mike-- i asked her a direct question and she knew the answer but told me something different and that makes her a b***h
Me-- what the hell sorry to tell you but i lie to dude
Mike-- Then your a b***h too
Me--( im kinda pod at this point) DUDE EVERYONE LIES EVEN YOU!!!
Mike-- Then they are all bitches
Me-- No guys are douches
Mike-- I'm not a douche
Me-- Well i guess your not a guy
At the end we were kinda screaming so we got seperated... DAMN now i have to work with him on world religin god this suxs

period 5/6-- Well period 5 i have orchestra. i play the cello with the high school orchestra yay. then 6th period i have lunch with a interesting game of "Awkward Truth" (sry but i will nvr look at my friends the same way ever again O_o) and man is our table packed we have me, my friends madi, becca, mitch, adam, james, matt,and two other dudes that i dont remeber the names of....

period 7/8-- Some days i have gym other days i have Earth Science lab... Today i had gym and we had to be blindfolded and brought around the school by a partner that we had to trust. well it worked out well. but i heard my friend kasy behind me and i was going to turn around and warn her about me being like right there ( we were both blindfolded) and when i turned around i hit her with my outstreched hands almost giving her a bloody nose. Now how do i know it was kasy well tess (her partner. and awsome friend metioned above) screamed her name while my partner tess ( different but really cool too) was like OMG! we were cool though and every one knew it was an accident.

period 9/10-- Earth science with Mr.Grotenthaller man hes funny and i have it with my friend madi. shes cool. not much just talking about earth (lol) were gonna hopefully watch "the day after Tomorrow" soon.

Thats my day... more tom. yay saterday User Image


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    Mon Nov 23, 2009 @ 09:40pm

    HEY!!! I'm commenting!!! AWEASOME journal!!! The thing with our Spanish teacher was funny!! biggrin xd

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