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short storie: LOL ZOMBIES
Okay, this is just a little something i put together on my free time (which i get too much of) I know this story may be stupid but idc. i love it. rolleyes

One day in towns Fallon was putting up with Deavon and Echo.

Echo: Omg guess what? ~*w*~
Deavon: Do I have too? stare
Fallon: Ooh! Lemme guess! You saw a really fat bean running down the street. biggrin
Echo: Eh...? confused
Fallon: Well.. you face was like ~*w*~ that, so I kinda figured... neutral
Deavon: Lol! I'm going to reply in five or six words that no one will read! blaugh
Echo: .... Okay, well, no... Um. No. That's not what it was. confused
The answer is, my baby was born! blaugh *Show baby*
Fallon and Deavon: She's so cute!!! whee
Echo: Wait a sec, this isn't my baby! surprised
*tosses it aside* stare
Fallon: Omg zombies. Look!!
(they see zombies comming up over the horrizon)
Deavon: There looks to be about five of them. We're all gonna die! gonk
Fallon: We're all gonna die!? Oh my gosh!! Deavon can count! surprised
Echo: It's okay guys, I have a bow and arow. smile
Deavon: and i have a syth and a sword! twisted
Echo: *cough cough* show off.... xp
Fallon: And I have...! A key!! razz
Deavon: How's a key supposed to help? confused
Fallon: Hmm.... Maybe it's a key too... confused Echo's nose!! razz *sticks it in her nose*
Echo: Owwie!! xp
Fallon: Oh sorry.. sad *pulls out* o.o
Echo: *head goes boom* burning_eyes
Deavon: ..... I didn't see that comming. eek Now to fight the zombies! twisted *facing zombie* Grrr... mad *drops weapons and runs* Aaaah! gonk *Runs into a door* Ouch xp *looks at building* Fallon, this is a safe house! Unlock the door! surprised
Fallon: Okay! razz *puts key in* *pulls it out* *puts key in* *pulls it out* What does that remind you of? blaugh
Deavon: We're getting chased by zombies!! scream
Fallon: You're so cute when you're mad! blaugh

Then zombies ate Fallon and Deavon and it killed them but luckily they survived because I have a better idea! cool

Fallon: *unlocks* It's open! smile

they walk in and board up the doors. for a while they are safe untill a zombie hand busts though part of the door.

Deavon: AAAAAAH!!!!! gonk I JUST REALIZED THERE IS NO T.V. IN HERE!!!!!! gonk gonk gonk

then zombies bust the door down.

Fallon & Deavon: AAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!! pirate
Fallon: -grabs Deavon- surprised
Deavon: Ewww your hugging me! mad
Fallon: We're gonna die!!!! surprised
Deavon: And yet there is still no TV. in here!!!! cry

The end!!
plzzzz comment or i will cry myself to sleep tonight.

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