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Endless Eternity,
Be Loved or Die.
Chapter one: Cat-and-Mouse.
Creeping through the forest, feeling only the cold damp air fill her lungs, the strength of the wind grow in power, and hearing every noise around her....

Caught in the middle of a game... Cat and Mouse, only no one knew which one they were. Her back felt heavy carrying such heavy weight for so long, her legs felt weak, her arms, sore and tired..
The only warmth streaming from a gash in her shoulder. the rest of her body beaten and tattered. She heard the correct rustle from her right, ducking under the shade of a large oak. out of vision. "Pat...Pat...Pat...Pat...Pat.." one footstep after another, hearing the sound of fresh greenage under the feet.
Suspence, adrenaline... if she missed this shot, shed loose this game...
Quickening her reflexes, sharpening her sight.
One black steel-toed boot stepped in vision. "NOW!!" she screamed in her head; and lunged.

A quick feeling of tearing through somthing, with the low sound of a curse. She hit her target.

Another curse at her, she leaped back and rolled after he reached for her, grabbing air.
Her knife was stuck in his side, the blood trickling down from his belt down his cowboy jeans.
She smirked, "finnally got you." he yanked the bloody knife out with another curse and a Loud yelp.
She didnt give him enough time to load his gun and aim though.

She reached in her cloak, crusty from dried blood, and pulled out several long sharp needles placed in between each finger.
"This Game ends." She muttered just loud enough for him to hear. Her thumbnail had a thick strong piece of metal attached, she used that to shoot out her needles. even with such little seeming power they flew out so fast and gracfully.
Aiming at Perfect points, The head, hips, shoulder, calves, and for good measure, even the place she just stabbed.

He screamed with pain, She thought to herself "he'll die soon enough now."
And got up to walk away.
She spun on her left heel and took a few steps before hearing a bad sound. The common sence her teacher had implanted in her brain just took effect on that second. "Click" Never. Turn. Your back. To. An Enemy.
he had his gun pulled out, loaded and ready to fire.
Even she had to admit a recovery in a few seconds was good.

She envyed his gun, crafted to such perfection. The only thing she could think of that could startle demons enough to make a faster kill.
"Fast, How long you guna hold up?" Her pleasant and almost suductive voice rang through the woods.
"Just enough to hold you up a few seconds." His voice was rougher, deeper, not as pleasent, but has more authority in it.
The next thing she knew, he was at her ear, holding that perfect gunn to her head.
Whispering "The end?"

To Be Continued...

I can't sleep, till I devour you..~


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