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if u really wanna read.......continue......*evil laugh*
for the public i supose.....
some of you are interested in what i do for homework while on gaia....
this definately needsa better title XD

Under the Gas Lamp

The room smelled of old, musty perfume, and the still, cool air echoed every sound made in the small attic. A creak from the old wooden bed resonated through the room and back to the girl’s ears as she sat up under the covers of the bed warmed by old fire ashes from earlier that evening. Like a gaunt statue, she remained there listening and waiting as the moon floated across the sky from east to west. An hour had passed since she had woken from her slumber, and the over bearing sky was beginning to brighten from its bottomless black to that of a deeper blue.
Abruptly, her hands came out from the warm chasm and into the cold surrounding space. Realizing her warmth was something that was soon to pass, she slowly rolled out from under the heavy blankets. Her feet floated above wooden floor boards as she lingered in bed thinking her actions through.
The floor moaned softly, with an old creaking voice, speaking against her actions. Her feet slowly shuffled one foot in front of the other. She sat in a small chair next to the window and gazed out onto the barren landscape. The snow had stopped falling from earlier that day; she remembered that the flakes were large and fluffy and came down as though someone in the clouds were dropping each snow flake one by one down to Earth. Seeing them fall from the heavens had made her happy, but now seeing them stuck on the ground made her feel an emptiness and likeness to these snowflakes. The thin layer of snow glistened with an eerie glow on the frozen ground. Lighting her face with a pale glow, the half moon revealed her sullen expression. Her green eyes now looked like a frozen field, and her brown hair looked aged. She slowly leaned closer to the window and watched the patch of fog her breath made on the cold glass. Her gaze lowered to the small ice crystals on the window catching the soft light of the sky and sparkling next to her pale face. Slowly, her hand lifted to these beckoning crystals, and the tip of her finger rested on the frozen wonderland, melting a spot completely. Her finger moved across the glass creating words on her icy pane of glass.
Her attention was quickly drawn to the line of trees across the field where her home lay. A yellow light of a lantern moved from under the shade of the trees. As the figure moved closer the outline of a grown man could be seen. She fixed her bed sheets and buttoned her jacket over her matching violet colored dress. Leaving with a large suitcase, she looked the room over one last time and quietly shut the door.
A carriage came to a stop in front of the station, and the rider came to unlatch the door and put down the step.
“Here we are my dear. Careful now, you wouldn’t want to slip and ruin that pretty dress.” A man wearing a brown suit came out of the carriage and held out his hand for the violet colored lady as she came out of the carriage. “Thank you driver, how much do I owe you? Will this be enough? Very good.” The man touched the cool lilac jacket with a reassuring pat on the shoulder as the carriage driver hoped up onto his seat and rode away.
The words, “Ten minutes, train to Albany leaving in ten minutes!” was heard echoing though the still winter air. The odd couple walked into the wooden ticket post kept warm by a small hearth. Walking up to the ticket booth, the man released the two bags he was carrying and leaned his arm onto a desk where a man with round glasses stood counting some odd collection of his own.
“Hello dear James, where might those tickets be I wanted?”
The husky man turned around on his heels and gave his visitor a big smile. He spoke with an Irish accent to his good friend, “Well, if it isn’ dear ol’ Matthew. I wasn’t sure if I could trust your judgment tonight; I mean outside is a mess isn’ it? You’re lucky to have made it.”
“It wasn’t too bad James. It’s just a thin layer of snow, nothing to fret about. Now, those tickets?”
“Ah yes.” He bent down, looked under the desk and pulled out a ticket.
“James one ticket will do us no good. We need another.”
“We?” He glanced around Matthew and got a sight of an engagement ring on the girl’s hand a few awkward paces behind him. “Oh, well why didn’t you say so? I’m happy for you Matthew.” He chuckled while he pulled out another ticket and slid it out on the counter.
Matthew placed the money on the desk, tipped his hat to his friend, and bent his knees to pick up the bags. “Come along dear, the train will be leaving soon.”
She slowly glided out onto the platform and stood like an animal listening to its surroundings for predators.
“I’ll just go put the bags on the train. You’ll be in a moment won’t you?”
The girl sullenly nodded, and the man briskly hopped up onto the train. She seemed unsure of her fate and remained standing next to the gas lamp on the platform.
“All aboard!” the old conductor yelled as the train whistled and spat steam into the air.
She felt a pain in her stomach and dizziness in her head. She was lost somewhere between her bedroom and ticket booth. Dazed, she remained motionless in her place even when she heard her name being called aboard the train by someone she thought she might have known at one point. The steam acted as a fog, and she could see almost nothing besides the bright light of the gas lamp above her. All she could hear was the drumming of the wheels in motion, the blast of steam, and the whistle of the train obstruct any sound that the natural world would have made.
In an instant, the train was gone, and only the cold winter night remained. A long silence followed the hoot of an owl far away, and the girl stood alone on the train platform. Her insides collapsed, but she remained standing in the ghostly light of the gas lamp.
No one ever learned much about her disappearance but they did know that she never got on the train to Albany, and that she never hailed a carriage. The man in the ticket booth didn’t remember seeing her again. And her last words to the world were written on her icy window in her bedroom.

1138 words XD oh dear me
leave comments if you wish.....
i dont care for the story so much....
i have this much ]-------[ attachment to it...
thats not much

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