I remember this! A friend of mine and i wrote this together...2 years ago? God i miss them... gonk

i am the hells below and i am the lights above
i am the reject of the ones who are forgotten
and unforgiven
i am the hate
i am the hell
and i am the nothingness inside
I am the sins of the world
I am the image of redemption
i am the death of those in demonic form
I am the darkness that lingers in every heart
i am the trust of the world in the form of the ground
i am the love hidden within the forgotten
I am the unforgiven and the vilified
I am the unsanctioned word of god
i am the untrusted hatred of life
I am life given to the unwanted
i am the life taken from the wanting
I am the life given to the greedy
i am the life of those who are life itself
I am avarice personified
i am the hatred
the forgotten
the hidden
the hated
and the wanted
i am the life of all
I am the needy
and I am the bringer of death to all
we are the hells below and the heavens above
we will stand and we will fall
we are the heroes and the villains of each story
and we are the ending at every happy ending written and told.