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Just a story. :D
tap tap tap Christian looked out the window of his bedroom and saw a little girl, about 13, clutching the window sill and tapping the window. The 14 year old boy quickly shot up from his desk chair, opened up the window, and pulled in the girl.
"Wh-who are you?" He whispered, it was about 9:00 P.M., so Christian didn't want to wake up his brothers, or his dad. "What are you doing here?" he didn't stop asking the questions until he saw her shiver, "Here, let me get you one of my dry shirts..." Only then did he notice she was wearing light blue dress, covering her all the way to the ground, and on her head, a crown.
"Oh no," he thought, "I've kidnapped a princess. I'm dead, they'll hang me. They'll shoot me, oh no." He shook his head and the princess knew exactly what he was thinking.
She slumped down on his bed, and stuck her hand towards him, "I'm Scarlet, and, if you haven't noticed," she gestured to her crown, "I'm also a princess."
"I know this is gonna sound rude 'nd stuff, but, why are earth are you in my room?" He asked, still pacing anxiously, his hand running through his tousled brown hair.
"I ran away. And I'm not going back,so if you were planning to take me back, forget it." He sat next to her on the bed, looked at the little princesses long, light pink hair. "That's unique," he thought, chuckling, he laid his head in his hands and just gave up, "fine, why did you run away?"
She smiled and answered, "Because, well, I didn't like the rules."
"The rules? That's why you ran away?"
"Yes. Too many rules."
"Like what?" Christian asked.
"Everyone always says, 'sit up straight. eat with the right fork, spoon, stuff like that.'"
Christian thought about what she had said, "Yeah, I could see how that would be bad.." She nodded, pulling her fingers through her wet hair. Christian stood up again, not able to sit still for a long amount of time. He paced the room, then opened his closet door, "Go ahead, pick a shirt and some pants -oh yeah, and the shirts and pants on the right (over here) are smaller, so yeah.." Scarlet popped off the end of the bed, and walked over to the closet where Christian stood.
"Okay. Got it." she said as he walked out the door. "I'll open the door when I'm done." Once she shut the door, she went through all his shirts and his shorts. The little princess decided to wear a light blue long sleeved shirt, and a pair of dark jeans with a few holes in the knees. Scarlet looked around the room for a belt, she found one that had just enough holes to make it small enough for her.
"'K, done..." she opened the door as quickly and quietly as she could. Christian looked at the blue shirt, even though it was too small for him, it was still big for her, then he looked at the belt, tightened up all the way, and when Christian saw that his pants were way too long for her, he laughed.
"What?" she asked, "You sayin' I look weird?" she put her hands on her hips, and raised an eyebrow.
"No, no.. no.." he paused, laughing again, "It's just.. ah.. mhmm, yeah, you do."
Scarlet rolled her eyes and picked up her wet dress that was laying on the floor, "Where should I put this?" she asked, Christian shrugged but pointed to a spot under his window. "Really? You don't have a hamper or anything? Wow, and I'm the weird one." she added sarcasticly.
Christian sat on his desk chair once again and Scarlet sat on the window sill.
"Well, I'm going to start on my homework, and I don't know what you can do, just nothing too loud, 'k?"
Scarlet held up her right hand, "I swear. Wait, your doing homework? Don't you want to know about me?"
"Sure, sure, everything.." he didn't even look up from his paper to answer.
"Okay. I'm thirteen, I was born on April 2nd, and my middle name is Marie, and.. I like strawberries, and chocolate, and strawberries in chocolate, and my last name is Polus, but you already knew that," he nodded and she continued, "I don't know how to swim, I don't like hockey, basketball, soccer, or volleyball, there's more sports I don't like, but I just felt like that was enough. I like tennis, and badminton and stuff like that.." Christian didn't know if she was still talking or not because he was trying to finish his math. The next thing he knew she was over his shoulder, "Whoa, your really smart if you can figure that out.. I don't get it. You don't have to explain it, though, 'cos it doesn't matter,"
Christian looked up, "It does for me, well, only if I want to get a good grade." He wrote down the answers and spun around, not knowing she was still by his shoulder. When his knees came around, they knocked her feet out from under her, sending Scarlet flying across the floor.
"Oh!" Scarlet said, putting her hand on her forehead, "I don't feel so good anymore,"
"What? Oh, I'm sorry, really.." Christian apologized, sliding off his chair as he crawled over to sit next to her, "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm just a bit dizzy," she swayed a little and he put his hand on her arm, "Don't worry, just a little 'dizzy' getting to my head." she said.

Estoy Aqui Amame! xoxo -IzzoFizzo123

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