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im awesome
Doush Bag
what do i do?
okay heres the story
my boyfriend moved because he got taken away from his mom
a week later he said he still liked me and he asked me out so i said yes
i broke up with me a few days ago because we never see each other
then he sends me a pic and he was like oops that was supposed to go to my gf
and keeps going on about how hot his gf is
but last night he left me a text saying somting like he likes me i like him we should ******** and like he wanted my lips on his meat. i asked him what the hell you know and he said he got drunk and thats why he was saying that,but he never said he didnt mean it. Then he kept calling me but i was busy so i didnt answer. Then later i asked him why he was calling a whole bunch and he said he needed to talk to me because he like tells me everything because i guess he depends on me or somthing. But anyway he said hes kind of deppressed because his cousin committed suicide. So i said well you should talk to your girlfriend because thats what girlfriends are for, And he said she wouldnt talk to him because she doesnt like him talking to me. So we started talking about it then i asked how she treats him. He said good but somtimes she treats him like s**t and thats why he liked me because i would talk to him and respect him and then he said that he cherished me in his heart and he always will and that i took that away from him when i broke up with him. So like any normal person i felt bad because he got taken away from his mom and his cousin commtied suicide and now his girlfriend is cheating him like s**t. Then he said well he doesnt know what to do because shes really cute and i told him that looks dont matter personality does. Than he said he was wondering if i would at last think about going out with him. I asked what about his girlfriend. And he broke up with her because he wanted to know what i would say. Now she like hates him and is fighting with him.

scratch that
i know now that hes a doush bag and doesnt even deserve a hooker

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