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Michelle's Journal

The Fluffy Kitten
Community Member
Donator List <3
heart Donators: heart
(Started in January 200 cool
Crossfire094 - 11,071 Gold, 2,297 Tokens, 1,231 Tickets, Blue Sweetheart Teddy, Gold Mountain Blue Vest and Shirt, Gold Mountain Red Vest and Shirt, Flower Crown, White Ink x2, Recipe: Sundae Sweets, Sven the Penguin, Tuga the Narwhal Plush, Angelic Mood Bubble, Angelic Mood Bubble, Mushroom Hat, Lunar Hairpin, Chocolate Egg x2, Plastic Grass x5, and Jelly Bean x6 heart heart heart
misz_k - G-LOL Mistress Skirt
OCD_Angel - Demonic Bundle and Demonic Earmuffs heart heart
wolffnight - Angelic Wind
icy_cold_mist - Those Black 90s Gloves
shellybellybear - Pink Belled Ribbons and Classic Partition Top
fearth - Coon Tail and Mu Plushie
Hyper-Goth - 20,000 Gold
Blackgun12 - 5,000 Gold
kevin3570 - 2 Tickets and 5 Tokens
killerboo34 - 36,118 Gold, Right T Blox, Leviathan's Grace (Anklets), Arrow Fish Drop, Blue Octopus (On my head), Red Octopus (On my Head) x2, Popstar Guitar, Tiny Terror Doll, Makeshift Table, Yellow Matte Wall Tile x2, Yellow Toaster, and Black Carpet Floor Tile, White Kitchen Clock, White Ink x1, Token x465 heart
Jahanara0707 - 3,000 Gold
amalon - 10,000 Gold, That 70s White Shirt, and Those Black 90s Gloves
Misty_Sanata - 2,500 Gold
Insomniatic Sloth - 4,000 Gold
AlwaysSinging - 500 Gold
Where-are-your-ears - 7,000 Gold and Lex's White Gloves
darkangel0195 - 1,500 Gold
iRawr 4 Meh Co0kiez - 2,541 Gold
xwishingxstarx - 5,000 Gold
CrayoIa - 5,000 Gold
Deity of Dreams- White Hachimaki and Fairy Wings
MangaMojo- 1,000 Gold
Muted_Nightingale - Korora the Little Blue Penguin Plush
WickedNightmare - Polka-Dot Hachimaki
c h o x i e -x - Angelbow heart
Masked Beauti - DandiiDooDad Spore 2nd Gen.
HARDDRIVE_SEXBOT - Red Fur-Trimmed Underwear and Red Fur-Trimmed Bra
goosette - Piggy Plush
Cildru Dyathe - Demonic Anklets heart
Chrysalissy - Broken Heart Mood Bubble
darkdiver56 - Red Ink x4, Yellow Ink x10, Blue Ink x9, Brown Ink x9, Green Ink x10, Orange Ink x2, Red Beetle x17, House Fly x6, Red Butterfly x14, Red Dragonfly x21, Firefly x19, and Cicada x23
x-cybergoth-x - Sweatdrop Mood Bubble
azn_dragon_girl - Gray SKA shoes
ggem3 - Black Stockings
Ringo Keki - Tuga the Narwhal Plush and Blue Butterfly x1
f a b a r i c - Buck Teeth, Sparkling Eyes Clown Makeup, Prisoner's Shackles, and Ubi Parasol
Anonymous - Kappa Plush
Karamelu Latte - Dally's Petals
Hanakima Ai - Hot Basic Skirt
iJonin Neji - Kitty Slippers
Andrew Von Helson - Skull & Bones Inner Tube
Anonymous - Red Candy Striped Stockings
Anonymous - Garlic Plushie
AuburnxXxWindfall - Cuttlephones and 3,000g
Anonymous - Fired Up Cheerleader Outfit
Anonymous - Pink Bunny Slippers
kazluckystar112 - Silver Heart Belt
s q u i b b l e d o l l _ - White Poinsettia Hairpiece
Asase Yaa - 3,000g
Anonymous - Achromatic Apocaripped Scarf
xBaconat0r - Micheal's Memory
II NightRain II - White Drome Egg
Anonymous - Star Lantern
oOSanrioOo - Starhat, Ohh~Cean Red Head Wrap, Left T Blox, Neutral Starter Polo, Venus Embrace Bikini, Vday 2k9 Heart Lollipop, Oversized Carrot, Year One Soldier's Sword, Red Sour Patch Kids Buddy, 4th Anniversary Super Roman Candle, Recipe: Scar of Martyr, Recipe: Bass'ken Waders, and 1,828 Gold
Deity of Dreams - Red Ink x5, Yellow Ink x1, Brown Ink x2, Green Ink x1, and Blue Ink x2
Booty by the Sea - Aquarium Hermit Cat
KupoWrath - 10,000g
Aiku762 - Dashing Gentlemen Onyx Vest, Dashing Gentlemen Diamond Vest, Dashing Gentleman Sardonyx Vest, Dashing Gentleman Topaz Vest, and Dashing Gentleman Ruby Vest.
Anonymous - Angel Imp Plushie
Anonymous - Kiku Flower Hairpin
Anonymous - Wooden Paintbrush
Anonymous - Corroded Apocaripped Scarf
Anonymous - Teal and Sea Green Reversible Hair Pins
the skittle snowman - Ted and Dusky
Anonymous - Red Ceramic Mug
Anonymous - Skittles Crazy Cores Contacts
Anonymous - Laurels
Anonymous - Pora Ice (on my head) 4th gen.
Anonymous - White Stockings
Anonymous - Blue Fur-Trimmed Bra
Anonymous - Purple Cat Collar
nikhaeli - 10,000g
Anonymous - Fancy Pink Ribbon
Whimsical Rhetoric - 15,000g
Anonymous - Sea Anemone Bouquet
x Unrequited Love - Air Fluff Mini Monster
NotUncleKenny - Spirited 2k7 Gloves
pieloverae - 9,038g
killerboo34 - Bao
Anonymous - Twinkle the Space Goat
Dream Tea Charity - 200,000g! heart heart heart heart
Tirill - Kiki Kitty Mascot Suit
SkyMessenger - 5,000g
Alora-sama - 20,000g
ChaosMaiden - 3,000g and Young Mrs. Claus' Garter
Duchess_Amelia - Neck Shackle
xX Lil_Gem Xx - 2,000g
Evil Salam - 1,500g, Pink Nordstorm Hat, Red Pleated Tennis Skirt, Ghosty, Green Flame Shirt, Ocean Summer Top x3, THE MASQUE, Gold Wrist Watch, Yellow Snuggle Table, Tokens x 1,900, Green Scale
Ranger Kate - Spirited 2k7 Socks
Anonymous - Blue Paper Cat Band
WHATS_UP_DUDE - Holly Hairpiece
Anonymous - Festive Peppermint Cupcake
bacteria - Gaia Wristbands
l p a n d a e y e s l - Spirited 2k6 Gloves
Horse fun - Green Snowflake Scarf
Soiled Bedsheets - Fat Cat Alert!
Anonymous - Fairy Shoes
Anonymous - Tsunami KO Classic Coat
killerboo34 - Oculus Mythica heart heart heart
Anonymous - Pink Magical Giftbox
Anonymous - Elegant Blue Ribbon
Anonymous - Simple Pink Skirt
Princess7777 - 20,000g
A New World Fool - Puppy Love Plushie heart
Blinky 586 - Owlpocalypse heart heart
Anonymous - A Fat Cat Hat
thatpandabitca - Golden Yellow Ribbon
xBrikachu - Gray Bakeneko Tail and Aquarium Cuttlefish
xX StarKitteh Xx - Jack's 2k11 Scarf and Bani the Bunny heart
G.I.F.T. Charity - 100,000g heart heart
Skizzimbop - Runic Challenge heart heart
meowlullaby - Purple Nurse Skirt and Neutral Starter Windblown Scarf
Hayato Akimoto - 109,000g heart heart
Phoenix Down Charity - 3,000g
Crippled Style - 50,000g heart
The Happy Charity - Music Note Mood Bubble
The New Headmistress - 10,000g
Anonymous - The Brass Knight
CB Zombie - 20,006g
Anonymous - Homemade Ghost Mask
Anonymous - Ginkgo Leaf Hairpin
CHAT MEGOTS - 10,000g
Anonymous - Hard Shell Pack and Kameha the Sea Turtle heart heart
My Bucket List Charity - 10,000g
G.D.I.C Charity - 5,000g, Purple Pinstripe Vest, Platinum Gray Pinstripe Vest, Candycorn Striped Stockings, G-LOL Gangrene Dollie Socks, G-LOL Choke Dollie Socks, G-LOL Dark Dollie Socks
The-annoyed_ninja - 5,000g
Little Gift of Love Charity - 300,000g heart heart heart heart heart heart
Kinky Treat - 100,000g heart heart
Violet S∂nctions Charity - 10,000g
Pimp Nipples - Sweet Cherry Earrings
The-annoyed_ninja - Jolly Hot Cocoa
ilover1508 - Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9)
Anonymous - Purple Butt Bow
Anonymous (Christopher) - Witch Snatcher Hoodie
Ms Sharra - Nomy the Snail
pythonesque - Purky
Anonymous - Polar Bear Paraplush
MeatBallz so Horny - Cherry Blossom
Meh Panda xP - Gothic Butterfly
xX StarKitteh Xx - Music Notes Kimono Dress
Anonymous - Single White Carnation - Bouquet
TheDoctor34 - Unicorn
Anonymous - Ruffed-up Showgirl
Little Gift of Love Charity - BuBu Kitty Plushie heart heart heart
Gemini Genesis - Pink Magical Giftbox
Anonymous - White Star Cookie
Put The Sun Into The Sea - 50,000g heart
Little Gift of Love Charity - Perky Melody heart heart :heart heart
kuto sky - Roses of Mare Serenitatis Gown

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