dont you ******** just love those friends that only care about you when they ******** want something?
If they dont need anything from you, you dont ******** exist, they could ******** care less about you.
You help them as much as you, but then it comes to the time you want some help and they are all like "naw"
Its liek for ******** sakes
There is no ******** friendship if there is only a one way street!
LIKE ********!!!! UGHHHH

Im so ******** tired of ppl who claim to be friends yet never give a ******** s**t about you.
You could ******** die and they wouldnt realize until they tried looking you up cause they ******** wanted some
it just ******** pisses me off so ******** much!!
Im so ******** sick and tired of this ******** bullshit!!!! D:<