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me, myself and my toughts whateverigotinmymind XD

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The American Dream

I am really dissapointed with the goverment on USA. How can you call the american life style a drea? Maybe 20 or 30 years ago it was a dream, but now it seems more like a nightmare.

* Starting with the schools, where you got kids killing themselves or they classmates, because they are "Hyper" so the shrink put the kid on pills ( Ritalin ) and when the kid doesn't have the pills , what happens?? then he really goes crazy.

* Then you got the college and their student loans, if you wanna have a decent job you need a career or a degree, but if your parents don't have the money to pay for your college you gotta get a loan. And then you gotta go to work at McDonalds or something like it to be able to pay what the loan doesn't even cover. And why you gotta work at McDonalds?? Cause it doesn't matter how good you are at doing something, if you don't have a certificate that proves it , you cannot have a decent job. And if you cannot complete your studies, guess what, still gotta pay for the loan, with your McDonald salary. ( Mcdonald salary + Student loan = Fu(ked for some years )

* And the frosting on the cake. Health Insurance. People let me give you a tip. If you are too fat for your height, or too skinny for your height or you have a "precondition" but you don't have health insurance, don't even try to apply now for one, cause you are not elegible. And if for any reason they do give you the insurance, but later on you need a really expensive treatment , they are gonna do whatever they can to deny you the treatment, unless you sue them, and maaaaybee you win. That if you don't die first due to the condition. And all that because the congress don't want to approve the universal health insurance, because is comunist. But how come is not a comunist for the senators to have free health care for them and their families. And I don't see them complaining about that. But you know who has to complain?? US. Specially that old people who work at Walmart, Publix, Win Dixie, etc etc. They shouldn't be working after 55 yrs old, they should be traveling the word and playing bingo and leave the jobs for young peolple who need to afford their student loans, but no, you know why? cause they gotta pay for their health insurance and the medicine or treatments that the insurance don't cover for them. And they still call this a DREAM

Well thats all for today, Thanks for reading and comment as you please.

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