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THE FUDGE WITH JB!!!!! HE CAN GO DIE IN A HOLE GO TO HELL AND THEN GET REBORN THEN DIE AND GO TO HELL 637896789657980544544964465157 MORE TIMES!!!!!! [okay, I'm gonna stop with the caps, because I'm about to tell the story, but I do want to use caps.] Okay, so we were at lunch, and I was about to have a panic attack [yes again] because Shayne comes over and tells me that Jb want me to move so he can sit by me. I'm like holy crap, whats he on? but them Kelsi tells me it's because he thinks she's a poser and he doesn't want to sit by her. I ask why and she says because she has preps as friends on facebook. I'm like WTF???? That has to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. So he sits down and says 'Uhh, Haley, can you scoot over so I can scoot down' I was twitching at that point. I say 'No. I can't.' He gives me this stupid look then turns to Kelsi to give her crap about the facebook thing. He says 'Why are you there friends on facebook, if they aren't in real life?' Kelsi says 'I don't know, I just want to. It's not like there really my friends' Shayne says [I don't know if hes mad at her or anything, but he kinda seemed like it.] 'But there still you friends on there' kelsi starts 'But--' she trails of, I know what was going through her mind. something like why am i wasting my time? jb says 'why do you call them preps if they are your friends' i slam my arm down, he gives me the look agian. I'm thinking WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? LAST TIME I CHECKED THEY LIKED BEING CALLED PREPS!!! At that point I'm fighting the urge to do two things. Jump across the table and beat the crap out of him, and yelling this 'WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!! I HAVE PREPS AS MY FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK!!!! AM I A POSER BECAUSE OF THAT???? BECAUSE I LIKE TO HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK??? WELL I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU, YOUR A GOD DANG POSER!!!!! YOU WALK AROUND LIKE YOUR THE SHISH AND THINK YOUR COOL!!!! YOU DEFEND THEM!!!!! YOU TALK ABOUT KELSY COBBS LIKE SHE ISN'T A PREPPY BISH!!!!! NEXT TIME YOU CALL SOMEONE A POSER, LOOK AT YOUR SELF YOU LITTLE b*****d!!!!!' But I didn't, because I'm shy. So then we start talking about some inappropriate things [like always] I get tired of hearing about it so I say 'PLEASE SHUT UP.' he has the nerve to say 'Why don't you shut up?' I say 'Why don't you make me?' he says 'Bish.' I say 'Fudgger.' So then were walking out of them cafeteria and he says this to either me or Kelsi 'GO AWAY!' I'm trying not to cry. i wasn't trying that hard, because my stomach was hurting me and I could just say it was that. But I never started. And now I think shayne is mad at me. Today was pretty bad. Yea.....

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