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OC Profiles
Pita Ten OC Profiles

Name: Zulu
Age: 15 - 16
Gender: Female
Angel Ranking: Full Fledged Angel.

Likes: Sweet foods, Bunnies, Pop, Lollipops.

Appearance: Zulu has pretty light blue hair that falls to about her neck. Her eyes vary from blue to purple. She's dressed in a pretty white lolita dress with blue ribbons hanging on the hem. She wears puffy under lace and her sleeves are also poofy. Like Misha, she has weird hair ornaments but they are rarely worn. She usually has a huge blue and white ribbon on the right side of her head with a brain flowing out from underneath. When she is in school however, she wears a white dress with a powder pink silk belt that has a bow in the back. it's hemmed in dark pink and powder pink hemming. Around the collar is a sailor vest thing... She always has the same pair of white boots with wings. She sometimes holds a huge staff with a blue orb and silver wings.

Who is She?

After Misha returned to heaven, and Kotarou lost his ability to see angels, Kotarou is under so much stress. He's in his second year of highschool, his two best friends are going out, and his dad is never home anymore. Heaven has been watching the entire time. All the full fledged angels are called together for assignments, and Misha has been assigned Kotarou. In the first episode, Misha explains how Kotarou may not want to see he after all this time, and she doesnt know is she can stand being with him anymore. So she hands the job over to Zulu, who has secretly been infatuated with Kotarou all this time. She is sent to live in the apartment next to Kotarou, the one Misha and Shia had lived in. Her first encounter with Kotarou is when she's moving in. Her pet Iggy -rabbit- runs right into Kotarou while running away from all the falling boxes Zulu brought with her. Zulu apologizes many times and explains she's the new neighbor. Later in that episode, Kotarou learns Zulu is an angel and the exact opposite of Misha.

Personality: Zulu is sweet and always happy. She has a motherly air about her, and she's always ready to help. Zulu, unlike Misha, is tidy and keeps things in order. She isn't shy, and can be very blunt. She is described as the perfect angel. Zulu is good at what she does and she's very loyal to Misha. Even though Zulu's class is higher than Misha, she thinks of her has a mentor because of her utter happiness. Zulu tried hard not to show too much affection to Kotarou, but in the end Misha tells her it's alright.

(More Later)

Name: Finn
Age: Looks- 12 - 13. Is- 145 - 150
Gender: Male
Species: Demon

Likes: Cats, Spicy foods, Strawberries, Chocolate.

Appearance: Finn has dark brown hair, cute short and a few longer pieces hang around his neck. His eyes are big and a light sky blue color. He is pretty tiny, but a tiny bit bigger than *Sinn. He usually wears a cat cap and a black robe turtle neck that goes to the ankles, with a belt like buckle around the collar. Covering his arms are long sleeves with little blue orbs laces around the hem. He carries a huge staff -he can barely carry it- with a huge blue orb with a small bell. -Like Shia's-

Personality: Finn is the exact opposite of Sinn. He's loud and sometimes annoying. He loves Zulu with a brotherly passion (>w&lt wink and he shows it by destroying the house. His intentions are never bad, but by decree he is destructive. He hates being a demon, like Sinn, so he tries hard to help. His personality is haughty and snappy. He acts like a small prince. He strongly dislikes Takashi.

Family: Sinn

Name: Sinn
Age: (see "Finn" wink
Gender: Female
Species: Demon

Likes: Bunnies, Sweet foods, Raspberries, Vanilla.

Appearance: Sinn also has dark brown hair with little pigtail tuffs sticking out on both sides of her head. Her eyes are a huge light purple color, and she has a tiny star under her right eye. She wears pretty much the same thing as Finn, but all in white. On her head however, is a bunny cap, with ears reaching her backside. Her sleeves have purple orbs instead of blue and they are hemmed with black lace. Her shirt is more of a dress, because if poofs a little at the ends. She holds the same staff as Finn, except its purple.

Personality: Sinn is the exact opposite of Finn. She's shy, and never talks. She helps Zulu with the house work, and she can't cook at all. Sinn lost her voice as a punishment she took for her brother about 100 years ago in hell. She has a sassy temper sometimes, whilst she may be cute, she lands a great smack with her staff when needed. She strongly dislikes Koboshi.

Family: Finn

Their Story (The Twins of Hell)

Finn and Sinn are the same person, and the two struggle constantly to grasp the fact. A long time ago in heaven, a baby angel who was to destroy all demons, was going to be born. Hearing of this, the devil sends his loyal assistant to bring the baby to him so the Devil could destroy it. The assistant, who has never been to heaven before, sends her child to bring the child back. The young demon reaches heavens gates, and is instantly taken by the angels. As punishment for its sins, heaven's head angel, splits the demon into two halves. One as a girl with the personality of love and happiness. And one as a boy with the personality of destruction and chaos. When they are returned to heaven, they get the names, "Sinn" and "Finn." Sinn is locked up for she was useless to anyone with a personality of love. When Finn tries to free her, she looses her voice as punishment for Finn. Later the two decided together they no longer want to be demons, so they're kicked to the human world, where they meet Zulu. She tells them they can't be the same person. "You're two of a kind"


Zulu: Coming soon

Finn: Coming soon

Sinn: http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w285/Kikareana/Sinn.jpg

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