name, Zarrah Sierra Lilith.

age, 17.

eyes, greenish blue with speckles of brown.

appearance, petite, slightly curvy looking. has a babyish doll look to her, emmiting innocence and purity but the revolver shows otherwise. heartshaped face with wide & big eyes that has a glint of evil to them at times. carries her moogle doll along with her at most times. below her right eye, there's a really tiny tattoo of a star, a tiny tiny one. she pouts beautifully, which she often does when things don't go her way.moogle

hair, Platinum blonde with a streak of greenish blue at the side ( shade of aquamarine to teal ) shoulder length that curls in slightly. Or she has it tied up in a messy bun with wisp of hair flying loose. Her fringe is sometimes pinned up too. a vague impression of appearance.

skin, Pale and creamy , like ivory. with a hint of pink.

outfit, . here.minus off the stockings, its a dress actually. she wears a garter on her right leg, above her thighs, same color as her dress. above the stars neckline, there's intricate lace design in white. wears cream white boots trimmed with fur the color of her eyes.

weapon, A revolver that is the color of bronze and creamy